EZ-Pleeze business strategy

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EZ-Pleeze is a grocery company based in Statestown, New York that sells beef and chicken items in the United States. They have a diverse variety of beef and chicken products, and the team is confident in their infrastructure to ensure the marketability of their new products. Currently, the organization manufactures more than half of the largest fast-food chains in the United States. However, Beefchix Industries and Yellow Down Foods remain formidable competitors.

To guarantee that its employees are well-cared for, the organization offers fitness and wellbeing programs. There are also opportunities for the employees to grow and develop professionally through the provision of tuition fees and promotions. It also aims practices volunteer work and community philanthropy. This ensures that there is a good relationship between the management, the employees and the community around it.

Mission Statement

The mission of the company is to provide the best quality customer service as well as food products. The importance of customer relations should not be taken lightly in any organization. The company ensures that there is an open channel of communication between the consumers and itself so as to address the needs of the consumers. The key aspects of the food quality which the company takes into consideration based on the clients’ needs are taste and health benefits. This is because there is an increasing demand for healthy food which is delicious.

Vision Statement

The vision statement is to become the top three producers of beef and chicken products in the USA and globally. The relevance of this statement is that the company has to stay a step ahead of their competition so that the consumers will prefer EZ-Pleeze products to others. This can be done by maximising on the weaknesses of the competition to make it your strengths as well as meeting the clients’ needs.

Strategic decision making


The strategic plan of an organization refers to the measures which will be put in place in the future so that the company can increase its earnings and reduce its failures. The strategic planning of the organisation will be foreseen by the senior executive leadership of the company. The team is comprised of Head of Operations, Head Financial Officer, Marketing Director, Research & Development Director and Manufacturing & Production Director, in descending order. This team will ensure that the organization achieve its vision statement (Bhuiyan 2011).

Internal Influences

This refers to factors within the business which influence how it operates. These are:

Owners. These are individuals and groups that have invested in the business and have claims and rights of property to the business. They also include shareholders of a company.

Employees. The staff are the most vital aspects of the internal structure of a business. The employees as well as their workers’ unions are very essential parts of an organization. Employees can lead to positive change or lead to catastrophic scenarios depending on how properly they are managed.

Board of directors. The BOD is the body which governs the organization and its members are elected by the shareholders. They have the mandate to choose the top managers of a company, for instance the CEO (Teece, 2010).

Culture. This refers to the general conduct of the individuals comprising a company and the visions, habits, beliefs and values which influence their behavior. Culture is the foundation of the overall performance of a company since it determines how the management operates.

External influences

The external factors can be divided into general factors and the task environment. The general factors include:

Economy. This refers to the status of the economic system under which the company runs. The most relevant economic factors are unemployment, inflation and interest charges. During inflation, the organization spends more on resources which leads to an increase in commodity prices. Customers shy away from borrowing money when the interest rates are high, thus the organization pays higher interests when borrowing money. High rates of unemployment provides a wider range of potential employees, however, it reduces buying power due to the low number of employed individuals.

Technology. This refers to the available options for making final products for sale out of raw materials. The decisions made on investments should embrace the current technology and must be able to adapt to them.

Socio-cultural factor. This encompasses the customs and demographic features of the society that is the target consumers. This should be considered by the manager. It determines the products, the services and codes of conduct that the society is likely to appreciate and value.

Legal-political factor. This entails the laws which guide how businesses operate, the relationship between the government and the business and the general legal and political state of a nation.

International factors. This is the extent to which a company is involved with or influenced by organizations from other countries.

Task factors are those which directly influence and are influenced by the operation of the company. They include:

Competitors. The policies of any company are affected by the competition. This favors consumers in that they have more options and the producers also increase the quality of their products.

Consumers. Every business aims at customer satisfaction. Managers should ensure that they address the consumer’s needs since they are their source of profit.

Suppliers. These are the people who provide the company with raw materials for their products and the service items. It is essential that a producer maintains a good relationship with their suppliers. This in turn leads to a continuous supply of raw materials of good quality (Baye & Beil, 2006).

Regulators. These are the units which have the mandate to regulate, control or affect the practices and policies of an organization. These regulatory bodies are mainly government agencies. Business owners also form interest groups such as commerce chambers and trade unions which also govern how businesses operate.

Current strategic plan


The new plan will lead to an increase in chicken sales due to the high demand. The price advantage of chicken will also lead to an increase in revenue by the company.

The plan to start exporting their beef products will open new markets for the company hence increasing its influence.


The company could spend more money while exporting the beef products due to exportation charges by the IRS.

The company does not have a plan of increasing their beef sales in the USA. As they concentrate on expanding externally, their local market could shift their preference to the rival company


EZ-Pleeze is one of the top five companies which provide beef and chicken products in the USA. It is a company which has adjusted its operations in order to provide their consumers with what they need. However, they face stiff competition from their rivals, especially now that their beef competitor has just acquired a big chicken producer. In order to achieve its vision statement, the organization has a team to foresee the strategic plan for the next three years.


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