Faces in Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov"

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Dostoevsky describes the problem of evil in great detail in the Brothers Karamazov. Also, his view of atheism is clear. Although Ivan accepts God, he rejects the world of God, and this makes him an atheist (Dostoyevsky 90). He suggests that the mind of humans operate within the Euclidian mind’ parameters and it understands space as well as time. Additionally, he does not want to change the heinous acts’ facts that are committed against children. According to Ivan, children are not supposed to be seen in ways that are transcendental or godly. There are acts of evil committed when one turns specifically to the book of The Brothers Karamazov. For instance, the hounds of the landlord that torn the pieces of the serf boy into pieces and so on.

            The favorite hound of the landlord was hit by a stone thrown by the serf boy. As a result, the boy has torn apart in front of his mother after the landlord reacted brutally. Alyosha replied yes when asked by Ivan if the landlord deserved to be shot. He demonstrates that he is pleading for an emotional response. Ivan’s enquiry is supported by such response from Alyosha. This response confirms that he is backing for a Euclidian mind.

            From Fyodor Pavlovich’s impression, his son Alyosha looks young in the heart, as well as sincere. Fyodor loves the laugh of his son. It is entirely insufficient to state that children are born with sins. Children are harmless as well as cheerful. In conclusion, Faces are essential in drama and have been used in the novel of The Brothers Karamazov. Use of faces has been both a battleground as well as a stage of drama.

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Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. The Brothers Karamazov. Courier Corporation, 2012.

October 05, 2023



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