Fast and Furious 6 Review

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There are several leadership challenges that the fast and furious 6 faces.

Ø Justin Lin, the director returned to the movie after leaving the car culture drama niche. The most successful series in the movie industry was fast and furious 5. Therefore, there was a very high expectation on the fast 6 by the fans. However, fast 6 is a disappointment since there are very few catching moments as opposed to the preceding entries. Also, memorable actions are absent (Monitor, 2018).

Ø The moments that are meant to impact on one’s emotions are underdeveloped, therefore creating several plot holes. The people who were involved in coming up with the plot did not reach the expected level. Also, the time taken to make sense of emotional catharsis, explanations and sacrificing development is not timely (Monitor, 2018).       

Ø Additionally, O’Conner who is supposed to be the most memorable is marginalized in fast and furious 6. The role that he is given could have been easily removed from the film since it does not have a great impact. More captivating side characters are added into the film hence overshadowing O’Conner (Monitor, 2018).     

Ø Justin Lin has only managed to create a bigger but not a better film. Although the series is entertaining, it has been added unnecessary baggage which would not be interesting to several moviegoers. The characters are also not captivating and action sequences are slight (Monitor, 2018).

Ø Also, there is difficulty in the movie in trying to balance the increment from fast and furious five and the franchise legacy elements. This results to storytelling which is clumsy (Monitor, 2018). However, there is a lot of time and emotions that the characters have personally dedicated which is commendable.     


Monitor, T. (2018). 'Fast & Furious 6' has some plot holes but is an entertaining ride. Retrieved from

September 25, 2023




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