Fate and Destiny in Antigone and Darfur Conflict

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Before 1916, Fur was the ethnic group residing in Darfur area and was converted to Islam in the 1300s. Islam acknowledged the state religion after the establishment of Darfur Sultanate, therefore the emergence of conflicts in Sudan. The 80 tribes and groups in Darfur divided into sedentary and nomads’ communities with rebels being within Zaghawa, Massalit, and Fur tribes. Many conflicts emerged because of race and ethnicity in Darfur with many people leaving the war zone (Kajee, 1). Many people were displaced and disadvantaged because of the consequences of the war. Similarly, in the play, Antigone, it is clear that every action has its consequences. In the play and the political conflict, the theme of the struggle between free will and fate are common (Antigone).

In the play, Creon chose of ignoring Haemon and Tiresias, therefore the suicide of the son and the wife. Similarly, in the Darfur conflict, the three rebel groups decided of fighting the government, therefore the continuity of the war and long-suffering of the Darfur’s residents and political marginalization and underdevelopment in the region (Encyclopedia Britannica). The power of manipulation of tension is common in the play and the political conflict in Darfur.

            In the play, loyalty and family are emphasized themes based on the issue of Antigone choosing her brother over loyalty to Creon and on the other hand, Creon prioritizes the interests of the state over those of his family (Antigone). Similarly, the three rebelling groups prioritized the national interests of the needs of the individual Darfur residents (Copnall, 1).

Unlike in the Darfur conflict, in the Antigone, a theme of destiny versus self-determination is emphasized in the Oedipus' family and the death of Antigone, which is blamed on the curse passed by the father. In the political conflict, criminalism leads to all events and deaths of men, as well as raping of women (Encyclopedia.com). 

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