Federico Fellini's Amarcord: A Film About Life and Death

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Amarcord: The Film by Federico Fellini

Amarcord is a film by Federico Fellini meaning “I remember”. Like many of his films amidst the middle of the movie, it tells us the past stories about the director of the film. During his childhood in Italy, Fellini encountered a lot of challenges. In a period of one year, he was exposed to the rigid and authoritative absurdities in one of the boarding schools, he was given punishment of kneeling on the maize grains for several hours. Out of the big gap existing between freedom and fascism, he considered a career as one of the famous philosophers of the human spirit in the cinema. Forced to comprehend the long periods of military nightmares by which his nation has gone through, he made every individual perform within and against the bonds of social control in the cinema (Lietta 1995, 55-56).

Genuine Freedom and the Weight of Fascism

In Fellini's life, genuine freedom carries a heavy and profound weight. Fascism intervenes on Titta’s tango in adulthood. The boy is introduced into the seductive world of cheap responses as well as power and pageantry as promised by Mussolini. Immediately the weather heats up, the film diverges course and now nearly questions the comedy it had earlier connected with authority, could these local despots truly be morally parallel to the plague of brutality which clears Italy out of Rome? It is a deft and daring tone variation.

Life Continues Amidst Political Tumult

But during the political tumult, life continues and Titta changed his behaviors and get chilled by the winter winds and a boy starting to live the private life of a man. He showed interest in Gradisca and it becomes a private pursuit since his encounter with sex makes him more confused as compared to virginal sly winks among him and his buddies in a snowy ground, the first time he was lonely in the film, it looks like his mission for Gradisca’s favor must be accomplished. Titta’s manhood, hard-gained and solely show how much a society remains pressed in a brainless adolescence of the psyche.


Tornabuoni, Lietta, ed. Federico Fellini. Rizzoli International Publications, 1995.

September 25, 2023




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