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The frequent saying alluded to equality and equity states that; what a man can do a female can equally do. Women have since the beginning of time been perceived as inferior beings in evaluation to their male counterparts, a notion that has raised debate throughout the centuries. Feminism can be described as the theory of promotion of equality, politically, economically and socially, with the aid of upholding the rights and interests of women in the society. Women have performed significant roles in the society that have not solely created change but additionally provided guidance and influenced the future generations to step out of the shadows of being overlooked despite their giant talents. According to Lauder et al., feminism revolves around the goal to achieve equality among the sexes by empowering the marginalized gender that is the women (167). The society has overlooked the girl child due to the perception that the man is a superior being to the woman. The notion has then been used to limit the heights and progress of the women in the society, to the extent that some injustices such as abuse and violence have been directed towards the girl child. Feminism has sure been on the frontline to highlight on the injustices that women face and at the same time provided women with the courage and voice to stand for themselves and make a mark in the society.

Feminism campaigns have been used as an educational tool to enlighten women on their rights and fight the prejudices they face in the society. Women suffrage has been a major concern in the past due to the inferior roles they were given, the little opportunities that women were presented with and the abuse that took place towards the female gender (Launius and Hassel). Through feminist campaigns, the women have been exposed or in other words created a platform to air their views on the topic of equity and equality among the sexes. The push for feminism is to understand that not only can women contribute to nurturing but also can be a force to reckon in the building of the society. Women have always wanted the same rights and opportunities that the men have gotten, which include education, the right to vote, work, get equal and deserved pay, own property and not limited to freedom to choose (Launius and Hassel). These campaigns to push for feminism have been widely accepted in today’s day and age, for its fruitful results that it has added to the community, not to say that there haven’t been some challenges along the way.

Feminism is about empowering the girl child by providing equal opportunities in the society to pursue their talents, ambitions, and goals for improving their lives and that of those in their circle. Time has shown that in a community with equity and fair treatment of the sexes, the growth and betterment of that society has been significant as both the man and woman contribute equally to the responsibilities and activities that are available to them. Women have proven to be equally intellectual and more than capable to handle tasks originally thought to be possible only if handled by a man. Furthermore, some women have gone beyond the achievements of men in various disciplines owing to the fact that they were able to be granted equal treatment despite some of the hurdles they may have encountered.

In conclusion, feminism works towards ensuring equality exists in the society for every member, so that each person is given the chance to go after what they desire and want for themselves in life. By being able to gain the basic needs and privileges that are offered to the society, every member stands a chance to improve their lives and empower each other towards their goals. Despite the strides that have been made by feminism, there are still challenges in some parts of the world and societies that the girl child still is held at ransom, with the dogma of inferiority. Feminism campaigns, therefore, should be a forgotten mechanism towards pushing for the rights of the woman since it has not yet been achieved. Feminism still lacks the traction it deserves thus the need to keep up the fight and free the girl child, through education and empowering them. The sustainable development goals recognize the roles that women play in the society to be quite significant since what a man can do, a woman can also do.

Work Cited

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July 24, 2021

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