Feminist Theory

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Poetry as a Mirror of Humanity

Poetry has been used in literature as a mirror of humanity since the Middle Ages. Poetry has been used to express the writer's inner thoughts and imaginations. Furthermore, there is deep wisdom that assists poets in idealizing facts and seeing objects and situations precisely, expressing their emotions, and representing them in a way that delights the readers. Furthermore, poetry has the ability to resonate with readers, and its aim is to console and amuse the reader when exploring various facets of life. The primary goal of this paper is to demonstrate the author's protest, the mythologies she employs, and the positions she supports in her poem. According to McCann, & Kim (2017), Muriel Rukeyser portrays a self-criticism through a protest against the marginalization of women in the society. Arguably, she depicts women dancing in the wildness, which expresses a lie. Clearly, the author talks of God who has exiled himself from the rest of the people which shows that the males have isolated themselves from females. Meanwhile, the poetess uses literary devices where she hides her feelings, and in the real sense, she tries to hide her torn life.

Use of Mythologies in the Poem

In her poem, the writer uses mythologies that depict the real issues affecting the society at the time. The author overwrites the myths through reality. Essentially, she talks about the situation where the people will no longer hide the bare truth. Further, she talks about her inner world, split in sleep and the child who was beside her filled with signs of rescue (McCann and Kim 88). Clearly, the author advocates for no more mythologies and there should be a level ground for all no matter the gender as shown when the God lifts his hand and the fellow women join in the music.

Work Cited

McCann, Carole R, and Seung-Kyung Kim. Feminist Theory Reader. 4th ed. New York: Routledge, 2017. Print.

November 03, 2022


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