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The selection of movies this week was really fascinating. The Brood has such a horrifying scene and masterfully written plot twists. Hal Raglan, a psychotherapist, encourages Nola Carveth to engage in psychoplasmics, transforming her into a dangerous entity. She had recently been divorced from her family and was battling in court for custody of her daughter, Candice. In order for Nola to see her daughter, Frank, the father, frequently visited her. Frank terminates Candice's visitation rights after discovering bruises during the visit, which infuriated Nola to no end. She went as far as creating dwarfs through parthenogenesis, which injured Ruth and Barton (Melnyk 67). It turns out to be Frank’s battle against the evil powers of his wife in order to protect his daughter.

The other film, The Fly, is a classic movie of a scientific experiment gone awry. The main actor works on teleportation inventions. He meets a journalist with whom they have a relationship. In an attempt to teleport himself, the scientist gets fused with a fly, thereby gaining the genetic composition of the insect (Melnyk 71). He gains extra abilities like being able to stick onto walls, and even vomiting digestive enzymes to consume his food. Such a fiction portrays the danger of unchecked scientific innovations which may seem beneficial to humanity, but have disastrous effects if not conducted right.

The Canadian film industry has undergone transformation. The above notable films are proofs of such transformation crafted by the interaction of English-Canadian auteurs. This week’s reading portrays the intellectual connectivity of two distinct art forms-those by the Canadian French and those by the English Canadian. David Cronenberg is a renowned English auteur in the Canadian film industry. The Brood and Fly are two contemporary pieces credited to his name. His contribution to the Canadian film industry is undoubtedly great, and his work will be remembered for decades to come.

Works Cited

Melnyk, George. One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema (Chapter 10:English Canadian Auteurs). University of Toronto Press, 2004. pdf.

April 06, 2023


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