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Human wellbeing problems caused by a lack of physical activity are becoming more important. As a result, several businesses have ventured into offering gym facilities for those who wish to work out and stay fit, as well as for those who may have particular motives, such as gaining weight and getting in shape, or just being satisfied (Hutson 63). LA Fitness and GOLD Gym are two of the best businesses in the fitness and conditioning business in the United States. Both have well-equipped fitness centers and professionally trained trainers that offer the best services to their customers (Sassatelli 237). However, customer’s perspective tends to differ in regards to a product or services offered by different companies offering the same service(Harvey, Vachhani, and Williams 457). Therefore it is of many services provider invest a lot in research and development on customer expectation to be able to understand and meet this expectation. Therefore in this paper, we are going to evaluate the services offered by the LA fitness and GOLD gym.

The Quality of equipment is vital for any fitness and training gym. It also depends on a lot of what your target customer does a lot, besides having access to a variety of equipment also poses an added advantage(Brodie et al. 106). LA fitness is equipped with a wide range of for example cardio equipment, free weight machines, lockers room, personal training and group fitness classes (De Lyon and Cushion 1407). Also, it has the latest cardio equipment and high tech training equipment.

Furthermore, another thing that attracts customers to a service provider is attractive cancellation policy; attractive cancellation services enhance loyalty to a customer who may as well refer their friends to the company. LA fitness offers their customers with free promotional services such a free monthly subscription after the first two months of the client and discounts on the prices to their loyal services. Gold’s gym has a different approach; they offer loyalty, points and bonus system of up to three months is the best reward to their loyal customer after attaining a certain figure,

Location is another vital aspect of a gym service provider, the location of the gym should be convenient to customers, for instance, customers tend to choose a gym that is along their way home, many customers choose the location of a gym as an incentive to stay faithful and honest to the training schedule. LA fitness has over hundred fitness center spread to various state. Thus clients do not have to move from one state to the other for training. Also, it enables them to serve their customers with a lot of convenience, on the other hand, GOLDs fitness has its branches all over the world, which is more convenient, in that is, for example, someone travels outside the country, the customer can still access the services.

Consequently, Hours of operation is an important factor to consider, meeting the interest of the class of customers who may only have free time during morning hours or those odd hours in the evening.LA fitness gym operates 24hours in some of its centers, hence some customers who check-in in the facilities has increased, whereas Gold’s gym only provides these services during the day and are not able to serve customers who may want to exercise during odd hours.

Additionally, the motivation of clients during fitness class sparks a great interest to customers; one way of achieving this is through offering group fitness classes. Both LAfitness gym and Gold’s gym fitness offers group exercise to its customers, though Gold’s gym is more innovative and would attract more clients than LA fitness gym.

Moreover, quality qualified personal trainers are off much importance. This because customer acquires gym services with different needs based on their body demands, that require different attention(Maconachie and Sappey 137). For example, some customers would need to reduce weight, slay in shape, gain shape and enhance their physical services; all this require different attention and customers’ expectations are met when qualified personnel is brought on board.

LA fitness gym training to achieve this seeks recommendations of the expert training staff who are knowledgeable and skilled in matters of fitness as well as personal trainer, Gold gym, on the other hand, collaborate with top athletes to assist meet them with specifications of the sports they are involved at.

Cleanliness in the gym is paramount; customers as wants clean gym free from germs, this can be enhanced by having clean towels, bathroom and change rooms that are very clean and up to the standards.At gold gym cleanness seem to be a key factor, GOLD gym provides their customers with free branded water bottles, t-shirts and face towels.

Another factor that dictates a quality gym services is the extra services that the company offers, and if they are offered along with membership or at an additional cost. LA fitness offers its customers free weight machines and other additional amenities such as free packing. The gold gym also has some extra services, for example, free weight, free branded water bottles, t-shirts and face towels.

Finally, the consideration would be membership cost, for the target customers who are concerned about finances. Hence the membership cost contributes to the decision the customer makes. Therefore a company should choose membership cost wisely that majority of potential customers can afford.LA fitness offers their clients with affordable fees depending on the packages they select, duration of the training, choice of the trainer and the amenities. Hence they can meet a different group of customers, on the other hand.

So what’s makes a good training and fitness facility? , LA fitness gym and gold gym seem to offer the best fitness and training services. It is evident that other factors are put into consideration when these services are offered so that customers expectation are met, and loyalty of these the customer achieved, for that reason however much, the facility offers the same services this factor make one stand out against the other.

Whereas there are so many similarities on the services offered by both LA fitness and GOLDs gym fitness, GOLD gym fitness standout to be the facility a customer would go for the following reasons. Firstly it offers training services with the latest equipment. Secondly, the company is more innovative, innovativeness is key in giving customers a new experience. In addition, collaboration with top athletes is strategically, most customers are not really interested in the qualification of a trainer than they would be associated with top athlete, the variety of extra free services offered at this facility, take into consideration the group of customer who may not afford both the extra services and membership fee.

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