Football Cultures Of Netherlands And Italy.

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Football's Global Popularity

Football is a game that has been played around the world for the last ten decades for a variety of reasons. It can be done for recreation, pastimes, competitions, and the awarding of grades. It was first established in England in 1863 following the split from the rugby football association. It was run by a group called the Football Association. (FA). Over a billion people were seen watching the 2014 World Cup final, demonstrating that it is relished and watched by the vast majority of people worldwide. Since existence, football has been of great impacts to different people, being accompanied by both positive and negative outcomes according to the preferences and perceptions of various people.

Tactical Styles: Catenaccio and Total Football

Italian football is characterized by a flow of tactical arrangements known as Catenaccio, which mostly emphasizes on defense. The exact meaning of this Portuguese word is 'door-bolt' which advocates for blocking a throughway for the striker opponent to enhance no penetration towards their goal (The miracle of Castel di Sangro pg. 2-17). On the other hand, the Dutch emphasizes on a tactical system known as total football where players are not attached to specific roles, but they can take the positions of their teammates whenever there is the need. This is what they applied back in the 1974 FIFA world cup. With this tactic, the team has always been in a position to maintain its organizational structure, even when one of their players is injured. The football management in Netherlands is under the supervision and control of Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB), whereas in Italy it is managed by the 'Italians football managers' association' (Brilliant Orange pg. 1-84. 85-115).

The Football History of Italy and the Netherlands

The history of football in Italy began as early as 1910 when the nation’s national team played its first international match in the formation of the club, and since then, it has been among the topmost performing teams in the world as they are always driven by the desire to win more matches and trophies. Italy has since been on the front line and winning major awards in football such as the world cup in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. They have also won others such as the European championship and the confederation cup in 1968 and acquired the third position in 2013 respectively. Netherlands is not left back in this case as they were actually among the early founders of football in the world, with them playing the first international match in 1905 against Belgium national team where they secured a win after extra time and being awarded the Coupe Vanden Abeele. They have since been among the top performers in the world cup and European championships just like Italy.

The Passion for Football in Italy and the Netherlands

Football which is also known as soccer is the most popular game both in Italy and Netherlands with more than 4.3 million people being found to engage in the sport in Italy. It is also loved in Netherlands to the extent of being played by little children. Soccer is seen as a tradition by both the Italians and the Holland as they play is driven by passion and results to a pleasurable outcome. They term it as a 'never disappointing' activity, which is always accompanied by good things. Those who engage in soccer activities are given a lot of respect by the citizens as they represent the nations hence enhancing their pride. However, football has gone a step forward in Netherlands as compared to Italy since they have greatly invested in the play with almost all the boys being absorbed in a team in the villages where they build up their careers and professions through training and coaching sponsored by the government. They have been able to come up with teams for every caliber, e.g., under-sevens, eights, nines, etc.

The Influence of Football on Society and Politics

Additionally, the two nations engage in football activities with a winning tradition, and thus they have been in the frontline when it comes to implementation and formulation of new ideas to enable this game remain at the epitome. Italians take football as one of their cultural activities which remain in their hearts forever, and they are always ready to do anything to make it remain alive in them. Players are viewed as national heroes who need a lot of respect for making the country famous all over the world as well as bringing about glory to the citizens. Holland on the other side doesn’t recognize the players so much since they don’t encourage the upcoming players. It is argued that they major on those who have been playing for long, only to replace them when they become old, a factor that discourages nurturing young talents since they are not in need of heroes. They mostly focus on winning matches and getting the trophies.

The Economic Impact of Football

Sports and politics go hand in hand although this is assumed in several scenarios as this game has been used by political leaders for identity as well as enhancing rumors and propaganda. In both countries, referees play a dictator role in giving laws which can’t be compromised for they are non-negotiable. The culture of each game is therefore as per the 'dictator’s' wish since they are the determinant factors and the most depended upon in the whole exercise, especially during international matches. Soccer, in this case, can contribute to war just to political differences and affiliations. Football, in this case, can bring the best people as well as the worst in the world, a good example being when Italy won the 1934 world cup, 1936 Olympics followed by another world cup in 1938. Many countries turned against them due to their supremacy and determination, forgetting the initial aim of engaging in sporting activities.

Recognition and Influence on the World Stage

Countries which play good football are always recognized by the World Football Association and given the credits of role models and good examples for the upcoming players. Italy and Netherlands have already built their names on this matter. Football is given great economic development weight as argued by Gary Imlach 44-57 & 148-159, in ‘My father and Other Working Class Football Heroes’ where the footballers were paid average wages of about $8, though less than the factory workers who never contributed much to the national development. This was a tiny amount as compared to how players are paid today in the whole world. It is evident that they are the topmost paid workers around the globe. It is assumed that they only engage themselves in physical exercise of about two to three hours in the after lunch hours, being watched and cheered by their fans, and at the end, they are paid large amounts of money in return.

The Evolution of Professional Football

Initially, players could be signed for a period 12months, but today they can even go for up to 6 years. Players who were found to have bad seasons and did not perform well in the previous matches could not be paid at the end of the season, and the club management could sell or sack them which is not the case today. Any player in the transfer market could not be paid anything by the former club as it was assumed that they should be remunerated from where they intend to go. Today’s football pays until the player is fully accommodated by the new club. Footballers lack the freedom to move out and mingle with their friends since they are always busy training in the field. This began in the early football and had never changed up to date. They still see those who usually come to watch them play as being freer and enjoying to see them, not knowing that they have somehow been put into captivity.

The Influence of Third Party Intervention and Television

In the case of third party intervention, initially, it was a matter between the player and the club as opposed to today where the negotiations are between the buying club and the agent. Clubs such as Colombia which were outside FIFA’s jurisdictions could still play against other FIFA clubs but with several limitations to transact businesses for players across England. Currently, all the clubs are urged, and they have adhered to join FIFA since without its coverage it becomes difficult to associate and play with other clubs. In the 1950s, clubs could only be owned by the nation, but today individuals do own clubs. Televisions have emerged, and now football can be watched from every corner of the world as opposed to the early period where fans could listen to the game proceedings from radio sets.

American Football: A Unique Approach

American football was a bit different from other nations in the world, both in its consumption and the style of play with their game referred to as the 'pasuckuakohowog,' which involved 100 participants and it meant 'kicking ball sport.' Goals were placed about a mile away, and it seemed to be very dangerous since it was like a war. American football did not have rules and a referee like the other football all over the world, and players could do as per their wish since everyone was correct. They practiced football amateur development and encouraged the youth to join academy clubs in order nurture their talents, and this led to the rise of more standard playgrounds which were located in suburban centers. Unlike other countries, USA advocated for women's soccer although it did not perform as expected and up to 1970, it had occurred on the limited basis. This is stated in Bend it like Beckham 3-34.

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