Formal Analysis of Language and Dialogue in “Hero”

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The scenario from 44:00 to 48:00 will be used as the source of the analysis's subject. Language that appears in the scene through the use of dialogue is the formal part of this scene that will be explored, evaluated, and explained.

Hero's whole story development depends on the conversation between the main character and the emperor in this scene. In a dialogue between 44th and 48th it is revealed that the real mission of the main hero was not to kill Broken Sword and Flying Wind or Sky but to come close to the emperor in order to assassinate him. Through the use of language and in the conversation between Nameless and the Emperor the scene announces clearly and certainly to viewer a real condition of things. The chosen scene plays a very important role in the plot of the film. The emperor says that he revealed the secret plan of the Nameless. The emperor claims that Nameless alongside with Sky, Broken Sword and Flying Snow planned beforehand for Nameless to appear in the emperor’s palace with the mission to kill. Nameless, as the emperor says, was chosen because he was the only one to know a secret fighting attack that kills enemy within 10 steps. The scene belongs mostly to the emperor and his monologue sequence. The language of the emperor, his comments, remarks, observations, claims, and story are all among the most important places in the plot of the movie.

The emperor’s point of view and his exciting statement make audience to reevaluate half of the movie already seen before this particular scene. For the first time during the scene possible hidden agenda and a motive for all that is happening given and explained to audience clearly and precisely which is why the reviewed scene is so important. The scene and particularly its language component in form of the emperor’s monologue give another point of view, another perspective on the whole number of the events that have happened.

The emperor’s monologue and what he says also plays an important role in shaping further destiny of the main hero. Nameless is not prepared when he hears that the emperor revealed his plan. It makes the mission of Nameless harder and his aims more complex to achieve.

During the first minute of the scene the emperor says how he found out about the assumption he then announces. He says to Nameless that he does not believe that Nameless was able to separate Broken Sword and Flying Snow who have been famous for always being together. According to the emperor not only did Sky intentionally given up in his fight with Nameless but Broken Sword and Flying Snow also helped Nameless in their quest against the emperor.

All in all it would be fair to claim that the chosen scene was worth to be reviewed due to its importance for the film’s narrative. Language reveals an important perspective on the events in the film’s plot. During the 4 minutes reviewed here the original purpose of Nameless and an aim of his dialogue with the emperor are revealed to the audience. The scene, therefore, can be named as central in overall structure of the film.

April 06, 2023


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