Frameworks of Safe Working Load: A Comprehensive Guide

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1. Write a new systems business/analyst position vacancy advertisement at SWL. Conduct internet research on system analyst advertisements examples and consider the business profile of SWL in your advertisement.

Answers will differ due to different examples of job posts that were located on the internet by the student. The definition of an SWL by the case study facts is a company that is medium in size and uses both the central processing frame that is centralized and networked PCs. There may be rapid growth in SWL and an expansion of its IT operations to support the basic needs. It will consider people with excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills when looking for analysts of entry-level systems.

Probably it is early to identify specific techniques depending on the selected system solutions. The experience of programming is not essential when the new system analyst has some work experience in information systems. It is essential to work efficiently with users and have an understanding ability of information needs of a business. There will be a variation of other specific requirements of experience or education (Rosenblatt, 2013).

2. Why or why not should there be a consideration of systems of ERP, business support or knowledge management by the SWL?

Systems of ERP: An ERP strategy will probably need SWL as its element. The primary objective of the computing enterprise is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, help managers make significant decisions and integrate the primary functions of the company such as services, sales, production, accounting and inventory control. Computing of enterprise imposes a companywide framework that is used in storage and data access hence it improves reliability and data security. Expansion of SWL in the future would result in an ERP environment providing frameworks that are readymade for IT systems. However, ERP has various risks such as bringing disappointments in companies’ finance and time required in the successful implementation of ERP (Tarantilis, Kiranoudis, & Theodorakopoulos, 2008).    

Systems of business support:   There are business support systems that SWL can take advantage of for instance those offering information relating to support of job to users at all levels of an organization. Such systems generate information that is required to make crucial decisions, manage and control business processes and give an analysis of transactional data hence they will enable the SWL in manufacturing, sales, and marketing operations. An example of when the business support systems impact the SWL positively is when customers purchase merchandise from SWL then the sale record, customer’s balance, and inventory deduction is updated by a transaction processing system. A Transaction processing system that is combined with the system of business support could identify the low or high moving products, inventory levels that need adjustments and customers with past due to balances. Such information is valuable to SWL managers and users.

Systems of knowledge management: If a comparison is made of ERP and business support system there is no clarity whether the SWL would consider using a knowledge management system. In knowledge management system human reasoning is simulated by combining rules of inference that determine knowledge application with a base of knowledge. Firms mostly use these systems to help them find answers to questions that are asked frequently and support customers. A related knowledge base and Knowledge management system are useful if SWL decides to have an expansion in a business that is based on the web.

3. Describe four organizational functions of a typical business (Human resources, sales, marketing, and operations) and their information requirement. Does user productivity software have a role in that effort? How?

Empowering employees: It ensures employees have more accountability and responsibility. It means that employees feel empowered and motivated when they are more productive. Companies have realized that technology is one of the elements that yields high productivity hence they give their employees at all levels technology, for instance, video conferencing, fax, database management, word processing, graphics presentation, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, automated calendars, high-speed internet access, email, and groupware. Operational employees using TP systems can as well be empowered by SWL which provides them with better technology that reduces repetitive non-essential functions and increases productivity (Babcock-Roberson, & Strickland, , 2010).

Implementing B2B strategies: An organization has a role of ensuring it achieves the B2B approach in its relationship with wholesale customers and suppliers.B2B strategy enable agencies to access the global market, obtain first-hand information on prices in the market, mitigate risk, reduce cost and increase efficiency in procurement. To establish links, the organization’s SWL could make use of EDI and access B2B sites which enhances collaboration and exchange of information with distributors, sellers, and manufactures transact business. Being an element of the B2B strategy that is automated, SWL should have a consideration on the RFID technology use because it is used to track physical objects using radio waves that are the high frequency in nature and it enhances management and control of inventory.

Product management: It involves strategies of pricing, commercialization and placing a product in a competitive position in the market. It is exercised together with sales, marketing, and product development team to achieve the desired outcome. Product management is an all-time function of the organization because it is operated throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Customer service Support: In this department of the organization, there are interactions with customers regarding complaints, inquiries, and orders. Customer service is provided before, during and after a purchase has been made. It focuses on giving customers an excellent service support system which in turn enhances customer’s loyalty.



Babcock-Roberson, M. E., & Strickland, O. J. (2010). The relationship between charismatic leadership, work engagement, and organizational citizenship behaviors. The Journal of psychology, 144(3), 313-326.

Rosenblatt, H. J. (2013). Systems analysis and design. Cengage Learning.

Tarantilis, C. D., Kiranoudis, C. T., & Theodorakopoulos, N. D. (2008). A Web-based ERP system for business services and supply chain management: Application to real-world process scheduling. European Journal of Operational Research, 187(3), 1310-1326.

September 11, 2023
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