Freight Rail Specific Roles on Intermodalism

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Freight Rail Specific Roles on Intermodalism

Freight rail specific roles on intermodalism significantly depend on its characteristics as compared to those of other modes of transport. When considering speed, rail has the benefit of covering long distances efficiently as opposed to road transportation. In particular, the carriage cost of rail is lower than other intermodal when moving bulky and nonperishable goods from one point to another (Esri Industries, 2016). Although people can use rail for longer distances, it is not as comfortable as compared to the road, water, and air. Consequently, freight rail complements other modes of transport by moving low-value products such as beans for longer distances.

Question 2: Impacts of Freight Rail on Cities and Businesses

As discussed earlier, freight rail is significant since it complements other modes of transport by carrying low-value products for longer distances. For example, it connects local markets where goods such as tea, vegetables, and beans are transported from one point to another efficiently. As such, freight rail carries products throughout a specific region and eliminate scarcity (Esri Industries, 2016). Consumers get goods on time to satisfy their needs. On the contrary, sellers receive the value for providing products in the market at the right time. Freight rail balances the demand and supply for goods and services, which makes the economy to grow and expand. Moreover, it can transport products between countries if they are connected by a railway line, which facilitates international trade.

Question 3: Most Optimal Modes of Transportation for Intermodelism for Organizations

The most optimal modes of transportation for intermodalism for organizations is road transport. First, road transportation is the most accessible as compared to freight rail, water, and air. One can access major highways quickly and go to different places. Second, due to its high connectivity, it extends to many locations that other modes of transports cannot. For instance, even after using air transport, a person is most likely to use the road to reach the destination. Third, road transportation is the most effective in labor mobility since many people use it every day when going to work.


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September 18, 2023

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