Friendship- a Personal Experience

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For most people, friendship is a combination of affection, commitment, devotion, reverence and consideration (Shotton,2007). A friendship's overall characteristics consist of shared interests, mutual respect and attachment to each other, and you need to have good friends in order to enjoy friendship (Oosachwe,2007). The emotional defense offered by the method of friendship does not have to weigh your thoughts and quantify words. Genuine friendship is when a person knows you better than himself and takes a role in a crisis in your high-quality pastimes (Cintron,2007).
Friendship goes beyond merely collectively exchanging time, and it is long lasting. Everybody within the International is bypass from unusual and numerous activities at some stage in his or her lives. I also determined and skip through the various events from my early life up to present now. As I grow up, I perceive knowledge shape the training, nature, and so on. I enjoy activities or event, makes friends, etc. Friends are imperative in a single’s lifestyles due to the fact pals are accountable to offer shapes of one’s lifestyles.

How Internet Influenced My Friendship Experience

Formerly, I only used the internet to study some scary paranormal reports, and for educational purposes for doing studies until in the future while my friend introduced me to facebook and I used to be hooked simply after one goes to. In the future, I opened my Facebook page and saw a friend request from a person named Terry. Whoever this “Terry” asked me if he can add me to his mystery organization of friends. Excited to speak to another headless apparently attractive Facebook consumer, I replied with a big sure.

That is how I began to speak to a stranger on a internet. I was never weirded out enough to stop our verbal exchange. The transition in our conversation from discussing about our secret organization to developing inside jokes with each different became immediate: One minute, I’d shaggy dog story about a member of our institution, and the subsequent, he’d come what may link it to our personalities pronouncing “the shaggy dog story is on us bud”. I used to be pleased to be talking to a person who becomes so funny and so abnormal at the identical time.

What I want to affirm is that at some stage in my existence I was advised that online friendships aren't actual. But what I learned from me enjoy on-line is they may be more a hit than the “real life” friendships. In particular, due to the fact, on-line friendships are all approximately what brings you collectively is not unusual hobbies and passions, not proximity. Simply due to the fact we can hang out and seize coffee every from time to time doesn’t imply we will turn out to be real friends.

After I first met my online friend, approximately 3 years in the past, I felt weird. I was worried to fulfill them in character. However, after years of friendships, assembly up and spending time, I realized that online friendships aren't any less crucial than the ones in real lifestyles. And after spending years on FB and twitter, I'm able to now not phase mine online versus actual lifestyles buddies in my mind. My closest brother, to whom I've pointed out the whole lot, is my internet friend and I have in no way even met him once in an individual.


In view of the above short story of my friendship experiences I can conclude by acknowledging social media; FB, twitter and running a blog that I got to have interaction with all of these wonderful and beautiful humans. My net friends are one of the finest blessings eras has bestowed upon my life – meeting individuals who stroll parallel paths to my personal.


Shotton, H. J., Oosahwe, E. S. L., & Cintrón, R. (2007). Stories of success: Experiences of

American Indian students in a peer-mentoring retention program. The Review of

Higher Education, 31(1), 81-107.

July 24, 2021

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