Functional & Content Requirements

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The report will provide functional and content requirements for the various sections and subsections of the website. To devise these requirements I gathered information from many sources. I have made every effort not to presume or impose a specific software development prototype that will have compelled me to emphasis more on format that content of the website. The requirements of the website are based on the criteria that they are easily understood by the target audience, they serve as an evidence of the commitment to implement functionality and that it’s keen to detail.

Functional and Content Requirements


i. The hardware requirements should be:

ii. Able to run operating systems outlined in the Operating Systems section.

iii. scalable

iv. Able to handle traffic based on statistical data.

v. Able to manage a transcoding system for website accessibility.

vi. Able to integrate a load stabilizer on the front end.

Operating system

Should be:

i. Windows or Linux.

ii. Able to interface legacy systems and synchronize the static web pages to LINUX machines.

System Software

Software should be able to incorporate a Content Management System (CMS) to serve the database. The database should be able to serve dynamic web pages and web statistics and analysis and text lifting programs.


The network should be scalable and able to manage heavy traffic based on statistical data. It should also be able assimilate other web content hosting servers.


i. Each official College page will display the school colors (using the standard hexadecimal coding).

ii. Consistent font style for content.

iii. Consistent paragraph and numbering scheme.


iv. Web pages will load completely within a range of 10 seconds on the slowest connection.

v. Clicking the logo on subsidiary pages will return the user back to the home page.

vi. Forward and Back buttons will comply with the browser (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc)

vii. Navigation bars will be located at the top left corners of each page.

viii. The home page will need no scrolling.

ix. Links to external sites, pdf files, and MS Office documents will open in new tabs.

x. Footers will be displayed on the homepage and all the other pages and will include:

a. Copyright information

b. Comments submission form which is routed to the Web Services Manager

c. Link to contact information of the Website

d. Privacy policy


The website logo will:

i. Appear at the top of each official Website page.

ii. Be transportable.

iii. Be in a resizable format


i. Each page will display the Website logo

ii. The masthead will contain links to other resources in text only version including search function, home, contact information, employment etc.

iii. The homepage will have links content pages such as:

a) Human Resources

b) Board of Trustees

c) Donations

d) Foundation

e) Other programs

iv. There will be a secured intranet for registered users within the website.

v. If any content is kept at an external location from the official web site, users must be notified through a screen message that they are leaving the official Website web.

vi. There should be a site map or index for the website.

vii. The content of the website will be text only version.

viii. A search function will be included on all pages

ix. The homepage will have a link to the database resources and a login function in the case of a single environment

Official Website web pages will be housed within the centralized web architecture.



1. All content placed on the homepage shall be approved by the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

2. All links placed on the homepage shall be approved by the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

3. All Website-wide announcements and news placed on the homepage shall be approved by the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

Successive Tiers

Site Management:

1. The homepage will be managed by Web Services through collaboration with the V.P. of Information Technology and the Executive Director of Marketing.

2. Tier 1, 2 and 3 pages will be managed by Web Services through collaboration with a liaison from each Tier 1 unit and Tier 3 location.

3. Tier 4 and 5 pages will be managed by the site owners within the CMS.


CMS: Content Management System; e.g Novus

Content pages: Pages linked from departmental specific pages; e.g. Human Resources, donations, etc.

Homepage: A single web page designated as

Masthead: Master Heading – the top heading area of a web page that includes institutional information, graphical design, and navigational components.

Official Web site: Any URL in the domain.

Resource pages: A page used to navigate to logical groupings for patron resources.

Web Services: A unit charged with developing and maintaining the official website web site.


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Information Architecture Tutorial – Lesson 3. Retrieved from:

September 04, 2023




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