Funeral Planning

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Many ceremonies are conducted when someone dies, according to my customs and traditions. One of them includes the oldest relative being the last to see the body before it is buried. According to my forefathers, this is depicted as a blessing to the deceased soul. Furthermore, my family history does not permit cremation. In today's world, holding such a personalized funeral is prohibitively expensive. First, my eldest relative lives in another nation and would have to be flown in particularly to perform the rites. Second, burying the dead is more expensive than cremation. As a result, I have decided that my funeral will be an average occasion where I will finally be cremated as opposed to a customized funeral.

Communication, Dressing, Cosmetology and Embalming

The main steps in planning my funeral will be my death announcement. This will be communicated to my employer, immediate family and friends by my family members. I am planning that this will take place at no cost. There will be a well-wishers contribution event where I anticipate $ 50,000 will be collected, considering my popularity. Dressing, cosmetology and embalming are normally combined at one cost. At this juncture, my funeral will have cost $ 892.

Cremation Casket

Cremation caskets come in many shapes and variety. I opt for the average combustible and eco-friendly casket that goes for $ 2,000. It is better compared to the instance where I would choose a traditional burial. For the latter, I would have been buried in a copper casket that costs a whopping $ 8,000.

Memorial Service

It is difficult to estimate the number of people expected at my memorial service, but they will form the kind of crowds that overflow into adjacent services on my send-off day. Permits to hold such a service from the council will cost about $ 1,250. In addition to these, there will be unavoidable costs such as hire of the funeral van, death certificate and copies processing, sheltering my remains and coordinating the funeral arrangements in line with the cemetery’s schedule. These will see my funeral planners incurr a further $ 5,000.


Cremation is cheaper as compared to traditional burials that involve further costs of gravesite presentation, grave liner and a ‘dignified’ casket. I will make arrangements directly with a crematory rather than with a funeral home. This cuts the general costs of this stage by $ 1,000. My cremation fees will add up to a sum of $ 2,000.


With communication, a cremation casket, memorial service and cremation services, my funeral will come to a conclusion. The total cost of this process will be $ 11,142. However, I will provide for unforeseen costs. Therefore, I expect my funeral to cost $ 11,500 in total. With the expected contribution of $ 50,000, the entire event will save $38,500. As per my wish, whatever money is saved after my funeral expenses are depleted should go to charity.

April 26, 2023

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