Future of Consumer Experience

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The Future of Consumer Experience

The project involving the use of ASOS to discover the future of consumer experience provided me with the skills and expertise needed to streamline my professional development and academic progress. As a fashion enthusiast, and prospecting fashion designer, I intend to apply the collective strategies that we engaged as a group to promote the quality of products and produced and improved interactions with my classmates and clients.

Engaging Productively with Peers

The project provided me with an opportunity to engage productively with my peers. Through the interactions, we were able to identify and engage the most appropriate decisions regarding the choice of materials to be used in the completion of our project. Building on the experience, I intend to promote and facilitate positive interactions with my peers in the academic and professional segments. Before making decisions regarding the appropriate academic related decisions, I will seek the counsel of my peers. The initiative will facilitate the delivery of timely and correct assignments. Arguably, positive interactions with my peers in the fashion industry will also act to spur innovation and creativity. The productive engagements also enable the identification of resources which can be applied in the realization of appealing designs in the fashion industry.

The Importance of Brainstorming

I am also committed to the brainstorming initiative. During the project, we involved various brainstorming methods which were intended to facilitate the successful execution of identified goals. The application of mind mapping enabled the comparison of ASOS to other players in the fashion industry. I will use such mapping skills to define my study schedule. Brainstorming will allow me the opportunity to reflect on the unaddressed aspects of the learning experience. Such knowledge is crucial since it will provide me with the inspiration needed to redefine my academic priorities. I also intend to apply brainstorming for professional development in the fashion industry. The initiative will allow me insight on the untapped opportunities in the fashion industry. In identifying the niches, I will be able to streamline my priorities to meet the void left in the fashion industry.

Vision and Mission Statements

The project also highlighted the need for the creation of vision and mission statements. These components are important because thy act as overall guides in the realization of individual and group development. The creation of a vision statement will act to guide my prioritization in the academic world. From the initiative, I will be able to identify actions that augment or impede my knowledge and educational skills. The mission statement will facilitate the establishment of the resources I need to become adept in my class work and related assignments. Vision and mission statements will also play a critical role in guiding the choice of fashion designs that I produce. As an artist, I seek to convey certain elements of emotions and culture through fashion designs. A vision statement will specify on the targeted clients and their interests. Alternatively, the mission statement will provide me with the guiding metric that I need to oversee the goals of various fashion projects.

Social Media and Fashion

The use of social media formed a critical part of our analysis in the completion of the project. I intend to apply myself in the use of social media to ensure that I develop designs which are not only appealing but responsiveness to the needs of the community members. The use of social media will also allow the forging of relationships and networks which will serve the purpose of promoting my efforts as a designer. I will use the network of friends made over the internet to market my product and identify other niches. The social media platform will also allow me the opportunity to offer a highly personalized service to the clients, to ensure that I retain their loyalty in the face of competition from other designers. The social media is also a rich source of information. Within the platforms, I will be able to study market preferences, identifying resources and streamline production to meet the changing needs of consumers in the fashion industry. Equally, I will use the social media platforms to access information which relates to my studies. The online platforms also provide an opportunity for academic engagement between students and the professors. Through such initiatives, I will be able to improve my performance in the class setting.

September 18, 2023

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