Gaming relating to violence

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The primary goal of this article is to conduct a literature evaluation for a study proposal on gaming and violence and aggressive behavior. It also intends to explain current studies on virtual reality in relation to aggression/violence.

Gaming is defined as the act of playing games that are legalized or protected by the laws of a specific country (Groves & Anderson , 2015). The majority of those who play video games do it for money, while the others do so for fun. Some of the ideas that will be explored to provide a thorough review are social learning and general aggression.  The topic on gaming and violence is very important since it helps us understand how both of them are interconnected. It also helps us understand how Gaming controls our mind as well as our moral behaviors and ethics. Previous researches on Gaming have shown that many people who like playing this games are addicts.

This means that they spend a majority of their leisure/free time playing this games. This study is going to contribute to knowledge in the field significantly. One will able to comprehend why Gaming and violence go hand in hand. It will also allow one to understand how the theories mentioned above fit within this study as well the merits and demerits of gaming.


Gaming can be categorized as either virtual or physical (Anderson & Dill, 2000). Virtual games are further categorized into two. Those that require internet connection and those that do not. Examples of common virtual games are FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Combat, Tekken and Need for Speed (Groves & Anderson , 2015). On the other hand, some of the main physical games are boxing, Karate, Judo and Wrestling. Under this category; Boxing and Wrestling are the main games that people can relate with.

In order to acquire relevant information on Gaming and violence; there was a need to collect information from the public. Two research methods were used. This are the Questionnaires and short interviews. The main reason for choosing this research designs is because they are efficient, accurate, easily manageable and fast. Most of the participants who were targeted are Gamers and people who sell and operate from shops and playing stores. This is because they are the only people who can testify whether this games interfere with one’s behaviors and emotions. During the data collection process; every single ethical consideration was put in place. The following are the results from the analysis.

Based on the information collected through questionnaires, short interviews, study samples and contexts; there were very many reasons that cause most gamers to engage in violence or portray violent behavior. Most of the findings indicated that a majority of the games are violent. In reference to this case, most of the gamers end up having a violence/aggressive behavior. Most of the games can be said to be effective teachers of attitudes that are aggressive.

When we look at Virtual games such as Grand theft Auto, Tekken and Mortal Combat. They are very violent since they entail fighting ("APA Review Confirms Link between Playing Violent Video Games and Aggression", 2017). In this case, both virtual and physical games such as wrestling and boxing makes most of the Gamers to end up practicing what they encounter both in the virtual and physical World. This contributes to the violent/aggressive behavior that is expressed by most of the Gamers.

The Social Learning theory is greatly applicable in this case. This theory was introduced by an individual known as Bandura. The theory posits that most of the people acquire their attitudes and behaviors from other people ("Do video games make people violent? - BBC News", 2017). This behaviors and attitudes can be imitated through modeling, imitation and observation. This theory deals with motivation, memory and attention ("Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence?", 2017). In reference to the gaming scenario, as a result of playing and observing virtual and physical characters; Gamers and viewers end up developing violent/aggressive behavior so as to imitate the models in the games that they play or observe.

In reference to the General Aggression Model which is abbreviated as (GAM); most of the behavioral, physiological and emotional outcomes are as a result of a social cognitive model that include situational, biological and individual factors ("Do violent video games lead to criminal behavior?", 2017). The term ‘Cognitive’ means something is related with the brains. Gaming is a very addictive sport that interferes with the mind and how it operates.

Based on what has been discussed above; Gaming ends up affecting the minds of the gamers hence changing their emotions in a negative way. It also affects their behavior making it violent/aggressive. Based on the instances given above, it is safe to say that both General Aggression Model and Social Learning theory fit in the study ("Do violent video games lead to criminal behavior?” 2017). Both of this theories played a major role since they help in giving a clear outline on some of the reasons that makes most of the Gamers to be violent in nature.

Based on the questionnaires and interviews conducted; it was evident that most of the aggressive/violent behavior among Children and peers is a result of observing adults acting violently. Most of this adults are violent when playing physical games such as Wrestling and Boxing. Through the social learning theory, young Children and peers end up developing aggressive behaviors and attitudes. This is as a result of imitation and copying behaviors from the Gamers. This instance shows that gaming is related with aggressive/violent behaviors.

According to facts to information; Gaming leads to violent behaviors ("Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, Aggressive Affect, Physiological Arousal, and Prosocial Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Scientific Literature Psychological Science - Craig A. Anderson, Brad J. Bushman, 2001", 2017). In reference to information that I gathered from one of the interviewees; there was an instance in Germany where and 18 year old boy killed at least nine people. The gun man was furious and on rampage. None of the people he shot survived the incident.

According to reports from several media stations; it is reported that the teenager was a fan of Virtual games (John von Radowitz, 2017). His favorite game was ‘First Person Shooter.’ This game entails shooting your enemies with guns. When we look at this instance, it is safe to say that the teenager was a good boy before he started playing Virtual games. However, as a result gaming; the teenager lost his mind, morals and sense of control. He ended up killing innocent people that did not deserve to die.

As discussed earlier, most of the people are Gamers since they consider it as a form of entertainment or a source of livelihood (Susan Scutti, 2017). In gaming, there must be winners and losers (Susan Scutti, 2017). As Human beings, no one likes to be defeated. Everyone likes being on the top spot. According to the research data and information; most of the gamers end up developing negative/violent attitudes and feelings in case they are defeated. A repetition of this feeling of losing builds on their levels of violent feelings and attitudes. This makes them become furious all the time.

Due the fact that most of the Virtual games have a destructive impact on most people. There has been constant effort by different Game developers to come up with Games that are friendly. Over the past years; Games that are less violent have been developed. Virtual reality has also taken shape. This is a form of gaming where Games are simulated into a three dimensional image. This enables the user to play games using special equipment such as the Helmet and gloves.

Most of the games that are supported with virtual reality are developed with a system that is used to control the mind as well as emotions and behaviors (Toppo, 2017). This helps Gamers not to develop violent/aggressive behaviors. The only limitations with this type of gaming is the fact that it is very expensive. Not many people can afford to own such a complex a game system.

Secondly, despite the fact that virtual reality is able to monitor and control one’s emotion and behaviors, it cannot be able to stop the occurrence of a violent/aggressive behavior Violent Video Games and Movies Causing Violent Behavior. (2017). Psychology Today. Retrieved 25 August 2017, from This reality is only meant to try and limit the occurrence of such behaviors. Based on information gathered from frequent gamers; this type of reality interferes with the proper functioning of the brain. This are the main limitations of virtual reality.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Gaming contributes to aggressive and violent behavior. Most of the research has proven that many people have fallen short to losing their emotions and behavior due to playing this games. Game developers ought to come with utilities that do not affect the mind of the people playing the games. This is the only way to achieving a World free from aggressive behavior due to Gaming.


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Games Violence

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