“Gender Role Behaviors and Attitude” by Aaron Devor

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Aaron Devor addresses gender stereotypes with both men and women in his article "Gender Identity Behaviors and Attitude." Devor discusses that separate gender stereotypes have been maintained amid the fact that they are not listed anywhere in today's culture. According to Devor, males are dominant and aggressive, while female partners are submissive and passive. The creation of gender roles is the product of inequality in status. Throughout the article, Devor uses ethos, pathos, and logos to endorse various arguments.

Aaron Devor has made considerable use of ethos in his article. The application of ethos makes him credible since the reader can easily understand him. Devor chooses appropriate language which can be understood by any reader (Wienclaw 63). For instance, when describing the characteristics of masculinity, Devor uses straightforward and understandable language, “Body postures, speech patterns and styles of dress which demonstrate and support the assumption of dominance and authority convey an impression of masculinity” (Devor 568). In the essay, the author also applies ethos since most claims sound fair hence are not biased. For example, when Devor claims “Subordinate speakers who use more polite expressions and ask more questions in a conversation seem more feminine” (Devor 569). Such a statement sounds fair since in real life it is females who are polite compared to males and it is also women who ask more questions during a conversion as compared to men. Devor in this case, therefore, does not seem biased as the information given is credible. Finally, application of ethos in the essay is evident by the fact that Devor uses correct grammar and syntax throughout the reading.

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Aaron Devor uses pathos in his essay to capture the emotions of readers hence persuading them to think in his line of thought or react through opposing his ideas. Devor notes that “A heterosexual orientation requires women to dress, move, speak and act in ways that men will find attractive…” (Devor 569). Such a statement arouses anger from the female audience since the writer argues that it is their role to do anything to please a man. In doing so, Devor captures the attention of female readers who want to understand the basis of such claims. The author intentionally touches the emotions of the readers when he refers to female characters as pollutants. “This vision of masculinity also reflects the ideological stance that ideal maleness must remain untainted by female pollutants” (Devor 570). Such a name also causes anger among the female readers as it is demeaning to refer to their traits as pollutants. The author tries to depict men as aggressive creatures who are self-centered and will do anything to dominate, including being emotionally insensitive and go to the extent of regarding women as born losers hence such people strain to eliminate any female characters in their personality (Stearns 34). Such a statement makes male readers develop feelings of anger as the writer regards them as inhumane. Finally, Devor draws sympathy from the readers when he acknowledges that gender roles are a reflection of gender discrimination in the society (Lindsey 50). Devor’s observation is justified based on his discussion since femininity is associated with weakness while masculinity with strength. Aaron Devor, therefore, uses pathos to make his work more engaging and exciting through creating different emotion in different readers.

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Devor uses logos in his essay to convince readers to subscribe to his reasoning. The author has achieved this since in each claim put forward a logical argument follows, supporting facts and statistics are cited, and general knowledge of the society is also evident. On explaining how different body postures and demeanors affect gender presumptions, Devor gives a logical description while providing examples (Lindsey 50). For instance, on describing feminine Devor says “People appear feminine when they keep their arms closer to their bodies, their legs closer together…” (Devor 572). Devor also applies logos in the essay when he cites what other scholars have argued, to support his ideas. For instance, in drumming support of the idea that masculinity can be demonstrated in some ways, Devor refers to an argument by an earlier scholar. He writes “Pleck has argued that…” (Devor 570) Through the application of other scholars work Devor gives his essay credibility as it means that other scholars also had the same ideas earlier hence not biased in his claims. Devor in his essay also refers much to the North American society. The reference shows that Devor’s ideas are not merely assumptions but facts based on the society in question, the North American society.

Aaron Devor’s essay Gender Role Behaviors and Attitude is a compelling reading which captures the attention of any audience since it perfectly applies ethos, pathos and logos. It is easy for the reader to understand since simple and explicit language is used in the text. The essay creates a bond with the audience through appealing to their emotions and provides facts which make the ideas put forward by Devor credible.

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July 24, 2021

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