Gertrude - opera singer

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Originally, Gertrude's Turmoil

Originally, Gertrude was an opera singer who was wed to politician and lawyer Gustav Kanning. Gertrude tells her husband that she has found another man who adores her and that she needs a divorce because he is just concerned with his career and no longer cares about her. After seeing her lover Erland Jansson in the park, Gertrude visits Jansson's home. To Jansson, Gertrude confesses her ambivalent love. Gertrude was supposed to be waiting for Gustav in the specified location in the evening, but he is unable to locate her. The next day in the evening, Gustav attends a party in Gabriel Lidman’s house, a poet who had a relationship with Gertrude in the past. Gertrude is still is still at the same party, she greets Axel. Gustav demands for the last night with her before the actual separation takes place. Lidman discloses that he made Jansson at a party where she was bragging to have Gertrude as his partner. Gertrude wants to go way with Jansson, but it is not possible as Jansson is expecting a child with another woman. Lidman wants to take Gertrude back again, but Gertrude argues that, when they were couples he had no time for her, he loved her career the most just as Gustav did. Gustav also fails in convincing Gertrude to live with him even after giving her the option to retain her a lover. She ignores all of them and travels to Paris for the Psychology study. Later on, after about 30 years, Gertrude concludes that love is everything in the world.

The Importance of Love in Relationships

In every form of relationship, love is a key factor, and unless the couples love each other, such relationship is always at a risk of collapsing. People must learn to value their lovers more than anything else. Loving your career more than your lover is very dangerous. Again, people should be extra careful whenever they fall in love. It is advisable to take time before committing yourself into relationships.


Bordwell, David.”Gertrude”, “Dreyer’s uses”. The Films of Carl-Theodor Dreyer, 1981, pp.


April 06, 2023

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