Google Sheets - An Evidence for Data Analytics Firm

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System software’s are the extra hands for the businesses to be informed, to communicate, to analyse and to prosper in this extremely competitive environment. New technological innovations have provided such software’s to conduct better research and to communicate to the wider network at one go.  Nearly, all the businesses are getting benefitted by the use of such software’s and systems. There is a facility of accessing such systems through the desktops, laptops and smart phones. The key attribute associated with such systems is its user friendly aspects. This leaves a limited room for the need of training and the users can access and utilize the software’s very easily and with right navigations. As a result, lot of crucial time is saved and barriers to communication are getting extinct day by day.

Business Context- Data Analytics Business

Data Analytics businesses works on the ground of providing data analysis, data storage, data usage and data creation for their clients (Duan & Xiong, 2015). They require a wide range of system software’s like SPSS, Google Sheets, Excel, Minitab etc. to foster research and use of data. The communication level in a data analytics business is highly complicated. The communication should be formal and adequate so as to reach at the desired result. Any miscommunication could lead to the deviation of results and malfunctioning of the data (Abdelhafez, 2014).

The business works on numbers and figures that are to be stored and researched upon. Statistical analysis is run on the data to analyse various facts and figures. Additionally, the workings should be visible to all the team members who are working on the project. Therefore, there are following key areas that are to be taken care of:

- Storage of and access to Data

- Data research and availability of required tools

- Mathematical and statistical application

- All workings and changes should be visible to the team members

- Instant sharing of big data

Software and its Role (Google Sheets)

Google Sheets is the system software that is provided by the Google. These sheets could be accessed in one’s Google drive, which is linked to the user’s Gmail account. The user can store any data in Google Drive and access the sheets any time. Google Sheets are the online replica of Microsoft Excel with most of the functions being same. Through Google Sheets, the user can perform following activities (Hoekje, Tipton & Pennington, 2011):

ü Storing of important data

ü Making calculations and research

ü Application of various mathematical and statistical tools

ü Data analysis and interpretation

ü Sharing of the document as well as data with ‘n’ number of other relevant users

ü Modification and changes in data at any point of time, with the fact that all the modifications will be visible to the users in a shared list.

ü Instant saving of data without any fear of losing the content.

Google Sheet Functions for XYZ Data Analytics Firm- An Evidence

In this section, the author will prove the usability, quality and approach of key functions of ‘Google Sheets’ for XYZ Data Analytics Firm.

Suppose XYZ Data Analytics Firm has to analyse the following data with respect to sales and profits of its client’s new venture from the FY 2015 to FY 2018.

Please refer to following data:






Net Sales

$ 120000

$ 140523



Net Profits

$ 45200




Functions of Google Sheets pertaining to above data and analysis:

Fig 1.1

User have to login through its Gmail account and has to open its Google drive. Once it is done, user should click on the left side’ New’ Tab and then further click on the Google Sheets ("Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.", 2018).

Fig 1.2

Next part is to input the data in Google Sheets and rename the sheet as desired. The data is stored permanently, until user decides to delete it ("Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.", 2018).

Fig 1.3

The data analytics business has to perform some functions related to line graph or some pie charts to establish the clear relationship between its client’s Net profit and Net Sales.  For this query, the user has to select the data for which the study is to be conducted and click ‘Insert’ on the above tool bar. This will provide the user with entire list of functions to choose upon the relevant one. The author chooses ‘Chart’ as a function here ("Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.", 2018).

Fig 1.4

In this way, required analysis could be fostered by applying various functions and tools. The chart editor on the right hand side enriches the user to make any adjustments and changes for its analysis ("Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.", 2018).

Fig 1.5

The last key function of Google Sheets is justified with the above screenshot, where the user can share the data and analysis with its other competent users as well as beholders, by just adding their email ids or names. The user also possesses an option of providing shareable link, edit link or only reading link to the other users ("Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.", 2018).

Qualitative Evaluation of Google Sheets

Google Sheets, as discussed above is the bundle of functions and assistance for Data analytics businesses. Its quick access feature, large storage (Extendable), online accessibility, mathematical tools and functions, statistical approach, instant saving of data and sharing attribute to multiple users with a link to edit at any user end, makes it quintessential software system for business analytics. Following is the critical evaluation of the functions of Google Sheets in context with its use in Data analytics businesses:

Ø User Friendly: The software is user friendly and does not require any specific training, but it is only accessible through Google accounts. Thus, user must possess a working Google account.

Ø Storage: This is one of the main criteria for data analytics business. The software provides storage that is extendable. The drawback is that the user has to purchase extra storage.

Ø Mathematical Functions: User can perform mathematical functions for research and analysis and has an option of choosing between various relevant functions.

Ø Statistical Functions: User can use statistical formulas, charts and functions to conduct research and analysis efficiently.

Ø Data accessibility and back up: User can access the data at any given point with an internet connection from any system. Moreover the data is instantaneously saved. The drawback here is that if user deletes the sheets or data, it doesn’t have a backup to restore.

Ø Quality: The quality of analysis would be at par as it is replica of Microsoft Excel.

Ø Sharing and Editing: The most relevant factor is that multiple users get linked to the data and sheets with a sharing option and editing option.


In nutshell, Google Sheets is effective software for managing information and researching data for a Data analytics business. Its remarkable functions and tools helps several businesses to record, research, analyse and share the data.


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