Health care system in the U.S

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The health-care system in the United States and many other countries around the world is plagued by a series of ongoing quality gaps and unsustainable cost rise. This report summarizes Richard's responses as a nurse manager in one of Florida's healthcare organizations. On the nursing role in the healthcare system, Richard stated that in previous decades, nursing roles focused on technical skills and task-based roles. Yet, such focus and responsibility have shifted to increasing patient care coordination in the healthcare delivery system.

He described the roles of nursing managers and nurses in the healthcare delivery system. The first role is to ensuring patient safety by preventing medical errors, providing safeguards from falls and other problems, and ensuring effective diagnoses. Nursing also fosters adequate leadership in the healthcare delivery system, which helps in running of different healthcare organizations in the country (Boykin & Schoenhofer, 2001).

When asked about increasing healthcare costs, the nursing manager outlined that health care costs have been a going concern despite the number of reforms that have been put in place such as Affordable Care Act. As such, nursing managers need to play a role in policy advocacy to reduce the increasing costs of the healthcare system.

Nurse-Managers work toward addressing emerging healthcare trends shared goals of quality, excellence, and efficiency as well as adopts innovative ideas to run health care system (Lowe et al., 2012). They also look into the quality of care and nursing practice of frontline nurses and oversee the budget and personnel matters as well as create a professional environment for practice hence improving accountability in the system.

Interview Questions

As a nurse manager, kindly outline the nursing role in the healthcare delivery system

Are there specific roles of nursing managers in health care delivery system?

What is your view about nurse manager's role in matters accountability?

The cost of healthcare continues to rise, what are your thoughts on how to contain it?


Boykin, A., & Schoenhofer, S. (2001). The role of nursing leadership in creating caring environments in health care delivery systems. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 25(3), 1-7.

Lowe, G., Plummer, V., O'Brien, A. P., & Boyd, L. (2012). Time to clarify-the value of advanced practice nursing roles in health care. Journal of advanced nursing, 68(3), 677-685.

May 17, 2023
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