Hewlett-Packard Network Infrastructure

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The Hewlett Company commonly known as HP was founded in Palo Alto. It is an American multinational information technology company. It develops and majorly provides a wide variety of hardware for the government, health centers, and education sectors. It also provided software components to related business enterprises small and medium-sized. It develops manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware. Its major product lines included enterprise, computing devices, storage devices, networking devices, and software. Hp produces lines of printers, scanners, digital cameras, servers, workstations, PDAs and computers for home and small-scale business use.

Network diagrams are essential for properly scheming of the entire network and connections. They systematically troubleshoot issues which arise. These software packages update the network topology map automatically when the new devices are added or removed which cuts down the network (Stefan Klein, 2006). These network diagrams are essential for ensuring complete interconnection within your network system. They also help visualize where infrastructure is lacking.

The Hp organization had its anticipation for growth which so through over the years. They needed an organizational change where they had to manufacture electronic test equipment. They brought in newcomers who were a potential course of enrichment. Staffing up the organization would ensure the company is filled with supervisors, managers, and employees. These included coaching and training the employees to provide favorable and adaptive results.

The Hp would also provide functional teams to enable diversification within the division. These dealt with particular product lines. The Hp would deal with its management. Testing these products would be efficient as production was divided into Product A Assembly, product B Assembly, product A test and product B test. Similar products similarly split the research labs.

Coordinating across functionally, Hp increased communication network. Through this Hp would ease research, engineering, and manufacturing particular products. These would increase customers' growth in the business. Hp`s knowledge networks for business growth will encourage daily activities for employees. It has imaging and printing services which enable easy access to customer services. These ease employees' workability regarding readiness and fast services offered.

Hp has dynamic replenishment which increases supply in chain transparency. This paper describes the full implementation of an e- SMI model of the Hp`s biggest operations. It encourages employees to quest out challenges and solutions to these challenges.

The Hp has a team of management which caters to the needs of its employees. The board is responsible for all that goes on. They look into the welfare of every employee thus motivating them to work incompetence.

Through the Hp growth, employees benefit because there are jobs accessible in information technology. Tech jobs and tech careers are also available now on the internet and in Hp companies. It began about two decades ago and revolved globally. It barely slows down. This ensures constant access to Hp jobs and careers. There are different jobs in IT. This leaves one on the choice he or she fits best.

Management, performance, and appraisal are also considered for those employees willing to complete their tasks in their own time. Their career prospects motivate them according to what they would love to achieve. Organizational management and strategic management will ensure employees understand the full-time organizational techs. Keeping in mind of their career development, it promotes proper managerial skills.

Part II

The telecommunications infrastructure is based on the Network Functions Virtualizations and the way they are deployed. In this way changes are brought regarding applications are delivered to the service providers. The growth in human technology has given HP a challenge, and it has come up with a way of improving the network and service delivery to the people. Initially, the network capacity was low compared to current network provision; therefore HP came up with ways to improve the network capacity to compete with the other network providers (Vilemaitis, 2010).

The network capacity of HP currently is proving to be doing well compared to the previous network availability. There are several solutions by HP software that are used by the managers and are integrated into the system and are used by the managers in the department of information technology. The solutions give the network operators a chance to see and monitor routers in the way of tracking their network. HP has now automation software which is used in the management of its network but earlier on its network management was in HP network management center. The automation software is meant to manage complexity in large data centers. Complete network automation provides adequate security to the system and makes sure that there is complete security that is given to the customers.

Security is important to any organization and HP has several requirements that are supposed to be improved regarding security.  Because of the large information collected by the retailers which concern the consumers, it is highly anticipated that there is the need to secure the network of the organization. HP can improve their network security by using the advanced technology which detects any security breach if any attempts are made. There is also what is called white listing helps in securing the HP memory and the network of the printers. Many attempts occur especially data stealing and network tempering. There is an HP Inspector which determines what is normal and evaluates outgoing network connections which deny malicious requests and triggers a reboot in self-healing.

As a retailer, what is more, important is data security to the organization and HP is aware of it. When more data is shared among different people, it is very risky for the same data to get in wrong hands. The organization is tasked with making sure that the network is protected through good customer and employee relationships. Only authorized people can access the networks and data to avoid any infringing by other people.

The security measures meet the requirements of the organization, and therefore it is very good for the customers who use the services of HP to consider this as a privilege. Many organizations have a worse security system regarding network provision and are prone to attacks by unknown people. The organizational needs are met by the security measures put in place because HP does not want to compromise the good relationship they have with their customers. Security is key to building the reputation of any organization and therefore the measures that have been put in place by HP especially technology that detects intruders in their system, it is a game changer, and it gives them the effort to continue innovating new HP electronics. There are no security gaps that are noticed in HP and regarding considering the security that I have covered in this course. The only requirement that is needed by HP is improving the speed of its network for better services that are needed by the customers. It is not easy for the organization to have all that is needed by the customers to be done at ones and therefore there are gradual security improvements that will be there regarding the security dangers posed by intruders.

Part III

A request for proposal from the owners is done through biding by the company that is interested in the procurement of the item. RFP is normally used when the organization requires expertise because of the non-existing of the product that is being purchased. The research is therefore needed after the proposal is made and these kinds of RFP are done in HP on a regular basis. Outsourcing has become very important and competitive for many organizations, and these are witnessed between HP and DELL. The decisions to buy the components are not easy to make by management. A strategic partnership is needed in outsourcing, and therefore important decisions are needed to be made.

It is very important to compare two wireless organizations regarding services being offered and HP Vs DELL. The companies provide different technologies and have their strengths and specification on each laptop. Pricing is very important when a person decides to buy a laptop, comparing the prices between DELL and HP and it is usually common to find the DELL laptops being cheaper than HP. Regarding performance, both companies produce laptops that perform well and customers always like these products. HP always have an upper-performance rate and easy to use and therefore the customers more prefer it. Customer support is needed in, and these organizations provide enough services to the customers.

Site survey needs proper tools to be achieved, and this also depends on the scale of the installation.

Floor plan of the places where the wireless network is supposed to cover must be in place first. Identifying the obstacles that may hinder the network transmission is needed. Determining the location of APs is important based on power is crucial for network connection. The number of APs needed is supposed to be estimated to have an overall coverage. The survey tool is needed in which the same model of APs in the same infrastructure is used. The retesting and relocation of APs are supposed to be done. Then documentation of locations of the signals is done in which data will be used for future references.

Coming up with the mobile presence in the organization, it is easy to start with the mobile applications for users to download. HP came with the requirements that were needed by the customers, and it is very easy to compete with DELL. HP is more preferred than DELL, and it is because the services being offered to the customers meet the required standards.


The following is considered when handling a wireless site survey;

Understanding the wireless requirements is important because the network that impacts signal coverage should have a good understanding.  Correct target data rates are needed in determining the survey results. Obtaining the facility diagram is needed before the survey advances to higher levels in which blueprints are supposed to be located in a site where the installation will be done. The good source of or outdoor city survey is mapping software. Assessing the existing network infrastructure and determining any interface potential points is crucial for the survey. This helps the designers to build the wireless network that is more stable. Coverage areas are supposed to identify and make sure that there is no need to survey areas where the wireless network is not needed. It is important to determine preliminary access point locations.  This are supposed to be located apart to avoid complications in terms of network transmission. Verifying the Access point locations and this is where survey testing begins, and the strengths of the network are determined. Documenting the findings is the last thing that is supposed to be done after determining the access points where the installation has been done.

Regarding coming up with the wireless survey requires the tools and techniques that are up to the required standards. It is difficult to predict the wireless system propagation and detect interfering signals without the help of test equipment. In places where there is blockage of the network transmission from walls, it is not easy to have a strong signal reception and therefore, there is the need to have tools that detect such problems (Wasson, 2015). The behaviors of the waves in a certain geographical area are supposed to be identified first before installation of the network system. Installation of the networks comes with a lot of financial investments, and it is necessary for the organization and the management to have a good survey and not waste the resources by having a failed resources. Given the goal that is supposed to be achieved in a wireless survey is determining the placement points whereby the access is adequate, and signal strength is strong. Different facilities have complexity regarding network survey, and there is the need for the experts to use tools that are very reliable.

When performing survey, there are key things that are supposed to be considered which include;

Mode of data collection

Impact of survey fatigue

Effects of survey question wording

How you order your questions

Different survey formats

Accuracy of the answers received

Bias in self-reported behavior

Clear question structure

Visual survey design

Final survey analysis plan

Number of applications processors (APs) and channels required

Throughput required

Location of AP radios and antennas

Location of fixed client devices

Location of Ethernet cables for connecting APs

Type of client adapters (wireless network interface cards [wireless NICs])


With power, there is the need for growth regarding network availability and potential interface sources. The frequencies and standards should be implanted with the aim of benefiting the customers. Then lastly the company wired network should be integrated as a requirement to having a stable survey. It is up to the HP management to come up with improved measures to make sure that there are improved ways regarding technology that should be used in a survey to come up with a strong network installation.

Part V

Investigating every corner of the structure is an essential security plan, and additional security to the network of the organization is needed to have a standard network perimeter. Having a security policy that protects the network of the organization is a requirement that helps to avoid costs, and HP should have it. There are many competitors out there that try to come up with good network strength and security. Therefore, HP has to come up with network security that is not commonly found in other network givers and attract more customers.

HP is now leading regarding sales against Dell, and it is like they are in a comfort zone which is dangerous. If DELL improves its services regarding good network security and best services to the customers, it will overtake HP and dominate the market. In another word, it is high time for HP to start offering services beyond what is in the market and dominate it. Many network givers have witnessed several security breaches, and therefore HP should make sure that it should not happen to them because at the moment they are well organized.

Another thing is that the employees at HP should know the weakest link in their infrastructure because they can capitalize on it and bring down the organization by sharing the secrets with the competitor. Therefore the IT department should always apply vigorous security checks to stop any security breach. HP should have minimal people whom they share their security details with to avoid compromising their network security.


Stefan Klein, A. P. (2006). Managing Dynamic Networks: Organizational Perspectives of Technology Enabled Inter-firm Collaboration. Miami: Springer Science & Business Media.

Vilemaitis, M. (2010). HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started: Manage Your Network Effectively with NNMi. Chicago: Packt Publishing Ltd.

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