Hilton's Engagement Strategy

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Hilton values all its employees. The management team focuses on communicating strategic priorities, and common values, mission, and vision, which help in ensuring that employees comprehend what is expected of them in the organization (Great Place Work, 2017). There are multiple channels of communication that are adopted by the firm, which focus on ensuring that employees comprehend their tasks and become aligned to the organization goals and objectives. Further, the firm has simple directions and expectations for employees, which are enhanced through integration and training. These activities occur as the firm recognizes cultural differences and focuses on measures and rewards. All seniority levels are engaged and an open door-policy is adopted to assure the achievement of success.

Performance management

            Hilton performance management starts from the recruitment and selection of the employees (Maxwell & Lyle, 2002). The firm identifies the talent that meets its desired values. These individuals are then subjected to a training and development program, which makes them successful candidates to fill various positions in the organization. The performance appraisals are conducted to ensure that workers have the skills and knowledge, which is needed for them to occupy different positions. These appraisals are followed with rewards for outstanding performers.

Benefits for other companies

            Other firms will benefit from having customer experience, which is improved through the adoption of the engagement strategy that is used at Hilton. Such occurs because the employees become experienced with their work such that they match with the brand of the company and focus on delivering quality services to the customers. Hence, the firms will have an improvement on their performance level in the business environment.


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Maxwell, G, & Lyle, G. (2002). "Strategic HRM and business performance in the Hilton Group", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 14 Issue: 5, pp.251-252

January 19, 2024


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