How great leaders encourage people to take action Begin with Why:

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The Start with Why by Simon Sinek is an encouraging book that describes how leaders encourage others to take action. Sinek identifies our rationale as the guiding motivation that encourages us to behave, such as a motive or conviction. Any exciting leader or organization is successful, regardless of scale or sector, because they begin with why. Sometimes, several politicians say what they're doing. Even some of them are talking about how. Most of them, though, hardly speak about why they are doing what they do. Therefore, certain individuals lose confidence in the goods and this leads politicians too often to lack inspiration. Sinek believes that when we begin with why action is stirred in everything that we do. Why will engage one's emotions by giving people a sense of purpose and belonging, whereas what will engage one’s logical brain. Starting with why will essentially …

The aim of Sinek’s book is to help others to find their why so that they can motivate other people too.

What is your why?

Sinek’s book has helped me have a better understanding of my why. I believe that my purpose in life is to serve others. Serving others is important to me mainly because of my Christian faith. .It is important to me because it makes me happy to see others happy. I engage in programs that are aimed at making the society better. For instance volunteering to help in the children homes makes me happy as well as the children I spend time with. I also go to the homes for the elderly and volunteer in both manual and any other work available. This makes my society a good and happy one to live in. This gives me a lot of motivation.

How the book has changed how I do my why

Sinek’s book has helped change the way in which I do my why. I first aim at understanding the purpose behind the decisions I make on a daily basis. For example, being in school can be very challenging at times. However, after identifying why I am in college in the first place, I know that I need to be perseverant and . This is because I have a goal that I want to achieve, and I know the importance behind achieving that particular goal. Despite harsh conditions, I discern that my hard work will be worthwhile if I achieve my goal in the end.

I now understand that for one to be an effective leader, they must have a reason for any action they take. For example one should know why they want to be a leader, and what their goals are. If there is a problem they want to solve, then they should have the reason why they want to solve that particular problem. It is evident that for one to become a great leader they must be in a position to inspire and come up with great ideas. They are always creating spaces for the ideas to happen and create conducive environment for each and everyone. Basically in the society creating an environment that allows you to think of more ideas makes you a great leader. In my volunteering programs I am always thinking of new ideas to keep me lively as well as the elderly and the children.

How can understanding your why help become an inspirational leader?

Understanding your why will help you become an inspirational leader because it will not only give people a reason to follow you, but it will ultimately make your organization successful. In his book, Sinek gives a good example about why understanding your why is essential to becoming a great leader. He talks about Samuel Pierpont, a man who wanted to invent the world’s first successful airplane. Pierpont had a great goal, but he basically lacked a reason as to why he needed the aircraft.. His purposes for building that plane were based on what. His main aim was fame and wealth like the one accorded to Graham Bell or Thomas Edison. On the contrary, the Wright brothers, the inventors of the first successful airplane, knew why there was the need of an aircraft. They knew that if their discovery was triumphant, they could change the world. They did not have the resources and funds as Samuel Pierpont did. Nonetheless, the Wright brothers had something that others could believe in. This caused many people to offer assistance and join their cause. The brothers inspired and fascinated followers though they started the aircraft innovation late. As result, they emerged as winners in the end.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a why in your endeavors as this will make people believe in you and what you are doing. Sinek says that this is the core idea for success.

For example, innovators, such as Apple, always challenge others to see the world in a different way, they will always create big ideas for whatever they are doing.. This is because they see potential in innovations that they make. When one starts with why then it will be much easier for them to acquire whatever it is that they want. When I engage in the volunteering programs I gain a lot of motivation and get inspiration to do more of what makes me happy. When you do something that makes you happy you will always feel motivated.

In conclusion, a great leader should be in a position to create an impact and gather a lot of loyalty. Other people need to gain publicity and have a belief in you and whatever you are doing, the purpose and cause. This more of having a great vision that attracts great people and professionals, the vision will appear to be the public statement and many will focus on tit and gain believe out of the vision. For a company vision shows why a company exists, many companies collapse because they lack a vision and there fire the people they are supposed to serve lack confidence in them. The vision statement in accompanying is supposed to show the way forward and create guiding principles that are supposed to be followed. This book has in a great way improved a way of thinking and conducting of things. It has enabled one to think and come up with great ideas and methods of doing things. It has also created ways for innovation and leaders have been greatly inspired. Leaders need to have all these aspects to be great and create inspiration.

August 09, 2021

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