How SolDistHr Can Be Utilized To Enhance Efficiency

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Soliel Panel Distribution and Efficiency

Soliel Panel Distribution can attain efficiency by leveraging an IS solution that facilitates automation of repeated workflows. Employees are able to spend time on other tasks to improve productivity. The IS solution allows you to monitor and control different things at the same time. This will reduce time wastage and increase the revenues of the company. All this is enabled by business process management (BPM). BPM deals with the design, this is a process used to achieve the goals set. The design is then tested using simulation by stakeholders before it is approved and implemented. Once the process is implemented, it is then monitored and altering and fixing of arising cases are dealt with.

Five Steps to Change Management

There are five steps to change management that can be applied in this project, namely assessing, acknowledgement, accountability, awareness, and action. Any issues that are realized during the project are carefully assessed and acknowledged in order to look for a solution. Every department or individual in charge of a certain task is accountable to give information efficiently (Zarpelão, 2017). This allows awareness of the issues of concern raised in the project. This will create a discussion for possible solutions and numerous ways one can go about it for a change. Actions are then taken when a final decision has been made regarding any changes to happen.

Individual Contributors in a Project

Every project has individual contributors who are directly involved in the project. For instance, the designers are in charge of creating the model. Their main responsibility is to come up with a model that is best suited for the project (Zarpelão, 2017). Another contributor is a human resource (HR). The main task of a human resource manager is to lead the team to successfully implement the project. Stakeholders are also contributors who are involved in a project. Their main duty is to provide funds for the project to be simulated and implemented. Lastly, employees are other key contributors who will use the end product of the project. They can also be used to test whether the project is successful or it needs to be changed.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Rapid application development (RAD) is a sample method that can be used to implement SolDistHr. It focuses on user involvement in the rapid construction of prototypes of a system to speed up the system development process. This method gives the client a chance to an opportunity to see the products and give instant feedback for their requirements and delivery (Zarpelão, 2017). RAD can be executed if the company has competent designers and they have enough funds to cater for the cost. This method can be effective when a quick delivery of a product is required by a client. RAD is advantageous because it can be created easily and it encourages feedback from customers.

Internal and External Security Threats

There are some internal or external security threats that can exist after SolDistHr is implemented. Internal security threats include access to the database giving access to information that can be used by employees. Sensitive business data should be protected by having encryptions out in place. It is also important to take protective measures on corporate data on personal devices of employees (Zarpelão, 2017). External factors may consist of external access to data from the public internet. It can also be possible for hackers to access data externally by manipulating a system for finding a vulnerable employee.

Protection Against Digital and Physical Threats

SolDistHr can protect against digital and physical threats by installing anti-virus software on every system. All devices should also be protected using a password and all the servers secured with locks (Zarpelão, 2017). Biometrics can be used to regulate who gets access to such areas and monitoring can be conducted weekly or monthly. All computers should be managed by a single group policy inclusive of auto log off if a computer is not active for more than fifteen minutes.

Troubleshooting and Restoration

Troubleshooting and restoration of SolDistHr after a system failure can be done by establishing the problem and the cause. The second step is to test the theory to determine the cause before a plan is established to solve the concern. After that, one should verify how the system is functioning and if possible implement the measures taken. Finally, one should keep a record of the findings, the actions taken, and the outcome. It is important to train personnel on specific roles and responsibilities for troubleshooting cases. Evaluation of policies, plans, and procedures should be done to improve the skills of team members (Stojkoska, 2016).

Problem Management

Problem management is important in supporting SolDistHr once implemented because it allows the detection of difficulties and how to log them in. by recording the problem, it is easy to categorize it while giving priorities to the most important issues (Stojkoska, 2016). The function of problem management is to offer service desk solutions.

Addressing and Mitigating Future Issues

To address and mitigate future issues relating to incident management in SolDistHr the following steps should be considered. The initial diagnosis of a problem once learned should be escalated to a specific department for troubleshooting (Stojkoska, 2016). This can be helped by further investigation the issue and coming up with a suitable diagnosis. A resolution is then made and the incident is closed.


Stojkoska, B. (2016). A review of Internet of Things for smart home: Challenges and solutions.

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September 04, 2023
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