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How to Yayoi Kusama. ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ use Lisa Nelson - Improvisation technique.

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The mirror object has the potential to disturb our vision to the point that how we see space becomes insufficient, particularly when considering the surrounding area. The experience of Kusama's drawing makes the visitors and the individuals viewing the image to understand that they are heavily dependent on their senses whether it is visual, auditory, or tactile, as it makes an individual to have a different perception to what he or she believes. Further, the understanding of the image highlights that even though the mind can construct an irrelevant world, the senses play a major part in the enhancement of the ability. The optical multiplicity of the mirror plays an important role in my view of the world, as it gives me inspiration for my improvised dance practice.

2.How to Lisa Nelson - Improvisation technique was used your artistic work (Figure 1)?

Figure 2: A paper cut-out of the miracle pine tree by the author

In regards to the construction of the paper cuts, I consider it intriguing in the sense that the drawing appears different after changing the vantage points. The change also led me to understand that an individual’s perception of the world can be subjected to change through altering the way he or she views the world.

I consider ‘mindful improvisations’ as effective in enabling me to unlock the emotions buried deep within my pattern of conventional thinking. Unlocking the emotions also help me in forging new connections, as my creative expression gains the necessary authenticity that can assist me in understanding my true identity. Considering that our authenticity is important in our creative ability, the unlocking ability will be of critical help to me.

September 11, 2021




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