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As human service institutions and organizations are trained on the topic of diversity, they often gain cultural expertise, allowing them to understand the cultures, cultural traditions, economic and social practices of other classes of people. Furthermore, such schooling equips human service professionals with an awareness of the political injustice, torture, and chronic suffering that people in need of assistance face. Understanding the systemic injustices that these people face will aid in providing the right care.

How this understanding contributes to the agency

This understanding can contribute to the agency in that it will have informed service providers and thus improving the manner in which they agency renders its services. The social workers will also be well equipped to deliver care and empower the people in need leading to improved and healthier lives. The cultural competence has a direct influence at the staff level and therefore impacting on how the program of the agency is implementation (Diller, 2014). Moreover, this understanding promotes knowledge, awareness and skills among the service providers as far as diversity is concerned. This leads to the delivery of services that are culturally appropriate.

How understanding of diversity improve in assisting those in need

Understanding diversity can improve in assisting those in need since the service providers will be aware of their culture and background. The culturally diverse clientele who are experiencing hardships and in need of help has forced service provides to understand the different cultures throughout the world. The human services need to be as diverse as the needs and problems that are faced by the client base (Diller, 2014).

Once the human services have knowledge in diversity, the agency will be able to ensure that their clients become more self-sufficient through assisting them to learn new skills and helping them overcome setbacks that are holding their lives back .


Diller, J. (2014). Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services (5th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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