Hurricane PPRR Emergency and Disaster Management Model

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Crises and calamities can strike any civilization at any time. As a result, there is a need for well-coordinated emergency and disaster preparedness among communities in order to match available resources with the needs of the occurrence. Prevention, Preparation, Response, and Recovery is one strategy that can be used in coping with emergencies such as hurricanes (PPRR). Hurricanes are caused by strong rains, high winds, storms, and tornadoes, which produce inland and coastal floods. Heavy rain, hurricanes, and tornadoes hit most of the United States, wreaking havoc on places like Hawaii and those near the Pacific Ocean. However, the predictability of the intensity keeps changing due to climate change which has led to a rise in sea levels. The magnitude of the 2017 hurricane Irma is an indicator of the need to put up emergency and disaster preparedness approaches that will reduce and prevent loss of lives.

According to PPRR model, prevention is the first step which should be taken to ensure that the residents of areas prone to hurricanes are made aware of the risks involved. Prevention focuses on both the individual and institutions whether that will be involved in case of such disasters. On the part of organizations, awareness creation is paramount. The second aspect is preparedness. Knowing that hurricanes can occur, it is the role of the state to put in place measures to minimize the impact of the natural disaster (Shultz & Galea, 2017). Some of the ways including establishing and disseminating a guide to all residents that will help them prepare their homes for hurricanes. Additionally, it may include communication channels such as emergency response numbers that the people can call for such emergencies. Moreover, the state should have a standby emergency department that is equipped to deal with flooding and heavy rainfall. Response is the next step which is primarily about utilizing the available resources and coordinating efforts o minimize harm to people (Nikolai, 2010). The last level is recovery where the affected are helped to come to equilibrium and resume their lives. It may include reconstruction and relocation.


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Shultz, J. M., & Galea, S. (2017). Preparing for the Next Harvey, Irma, or Maria-Addressing Research Gaps. New England Journal of Medicine.

June 06, 2023

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