I am Cinderella’s Stepmother and I Know my Rights Article

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The article, “I am Cinderella’s Stepmother and I recognize my Rights,” offers a different perspective on the specific status of affairs in the life surrounding Cinderella, her siblings, and her stepmother. Judith Rossner helps to understand the trip of Cinderella and the relationship she had with her father before he met his untimely death. In the fairy tale, the daughters of the stepmother had sadistic tendencies, but in the article, they are introduced as immaculate and saint figures. In the original version of the story, Cinderella is shown as a slave who was once forced to sweep cinders in a house that was succesful of hiring a house help. However, in the article, the audience understands the true behavior of Cinderella. She was not forced by anyone to sit at the fireplace and poke the cinders, and she did not mind of dirtying herself. She never cared about her dirty looks and tending the furnace was as a result of her liking. As opposed to the original impression of a hardworking girl who was mistreated by her stepmother since their biological parents were dead. Cinderella was a lazy girl who would rather starve than prepare a meal and was reluctant to improve her hygiene. Also, in the article, Cinderella seemed to enjoy her task of tending the fireplace as opposed to the notion that she was forced to do so in the fairy tale. From the article, the audience gets an understanding of the reason behind the stepmother marrying the father to Cinderella’s siblings. It was out of sheer love for the girls that she was compelled to marry their father who was then an undemonstrative father and often used to show her affection to his children through giving gifts. However, after his death, the girls were devastated, and the quality of their lives deteriorated, and according to the defense of the stepmother, it was not her fault, and she did what was within her capacity to grant the siblings a decent life for themselves. Therefore, the fairy tale and the article present different perspectives of the same characters giving differing opinions of Cinderella and her siblings.

The new perspective on the understanding of the story and the characters as presented in the article has an impact in the way the stepmother cared for her children. In the fairy tale, Cinderella is shown as a character who was fond of her biological mother and loathed the stepmother. The perspective changes when the stepmother reveals that the relationship of her children and that of their original mother was complex. If Cinderella’s father would allow her to come near her dear mother, she used to protest violently. Therefore, the issue of Cinderella weeping over her dead mother is ironical in the fact that, when she was alive, she used to mistreat her and she did not like her. The girls used to suffer in the hands of their parents, and it was out of sheer love for the children that the stepmother decided to marry their father to change their fate in life. The prince, as opposed to the original fairy tale, was an irresponsible young man who never deserved to marry any of the beautiful daughters.

By writing the stepmother’s side of the story, Rossner makes the point that it is not fair to come up with tales of personal lives of people without adequately indulging them in having facts of their lives at hand. Mr. Disney did not research the roots of his story correctly and did not consult the right people have the exact status of affairs of the lives and times of Cinderella. As a result, her petition was successful in court and the movie, and its future editions were barred from the stores. Notably, the retelling alters the story’s original meaning as a fairy tale that presents the incorrect status of affairs. The lesson learned includes giving the audience in any piece of writing facts that can change their way of thinking. The original published story about the stepmother and the relationship she had with her daughters tainted her image, and she ended up suffering public social profiling as a killer who never cared for her children. Rossner presents a woman who fights to regain her reputation as a mother and a wife.

August 31, 2021

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