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I am Green is a clothing company that produces straight fit, daily fit, and skinny fit jeans for men and women using organic cotton and recycled jeans. The corporation is attempting to cater to a vast number of consumers who are concerned about rising environmental emissions and are searching for environmentally sustainable alternatives. The enterprise, founded by me (Rachael Dawson) and Katrina Kerrie, a fashion blogger and former sales representative for Adidas Company, is poised to disrupt the apparel industry. The corporation primarily resides in three states: Chicago, Florida, and New Jersey, with the majority of its purchases occurring online. The main competitors are Deluxe Wears, Chicago Fittings, and Classy Stuff.

Company Description

I am Green was created in September 2016 and is operated as a partnership between Rachael Dawson and Katrina Kerrie. The company is in the clothing industry with its focus on straight fit, regular fit and slim fit jeans for men and ladies for youths made using organic cotton and recycled jeans. The company had registered double-digit growth since its creation with the first unit in Chicago, and it has expanded to Florida and New Jersey.

Our Strategy

We understand that the clothing industry has established players but we are approaching it by addressing three main concerns on environmentally friendly products, providing incentives and maintaining high quality and emotional connection with customers. Our products are made from organic and recycled materials in efforts to help conserve the environment. I am Green provide a belt for every four trousers and an I am Green wristwatch for customers who buy ten pieces. Besides, online buyers get free delivery services to collection points near them. The duo managers plan to maintain their prices slightly higher to cater for the extra costs they incur in introducing the new fashion until such time that the raw materials will be easily availed.


• To increase online sales by 45% in the next three years through social media marketing

• To make entry into other states and the global markets

• To minimize cost and reduce the current prices

Market Analysis

Target Market

I am Green targets youths between 12 years and 40 years. We understand that this group comprises individuals who are social media savvy, they are fashion oriented, addicted to their mobile handsets and are eco-friendly.

Market Need

Customers are looking for trendy fashions that are affordable. The target market is looking for fashions that have an emotional connection. We are introducing the environmentally friendly brands to fill the gap.

SWOT Analysis


• Strong social media presence

• Eco-friendly products

• Incentives for bulk purchases Weaknesses

• Small scale operations

• Premium pricing


• Global markets

• Younger generations below 12 years

• Franchise Threats

• Competition

• Policies on importation affecting cost of raw materials

Organization and Management

The company engages the services of 10 employees plus the 2 directors. The ten employees serve in the three departments including production, marketing, and sales. The organic raw materials are imported from Colombia and Mexico while the used jeans are collected from set points where people drop their used jeans clothing. The company has three production units with one in each of the three states. Sales are mainly online with some pieces sold at the company retail stores.

Marketing Plan

o Social media: Our Company will be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in getting to the target market.

o Paid Search: We are in contact with Google and Facebook to take advantage of their platforms Google Ad words and Facebook Ads in reaching out to potential customers

o We are active on the look for the popular fashion bloggers to help in marketing through their platforms


Source Amount

Personal savings $25000

Family $10000

Bank Loan $35000

Total $70000

Financial Plan

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3


Direct cost of sales

Other production expenses

Total cost of sales

Gross margin

Gross margin $592000





46% $1224700














Sales, marketing & other expenses



Cost of Lease



Total operating expenses

























Net profit $254925 $598825 $1095525

November 23, 2022



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Clothes Company Fashion

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