I never knew he was this good until I decided to take a leap of faith.

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I had no idea he was this talented until I wanted to take a risk. It took some time to get to know him, but I'm happy I did. Many people are familiar with the name Jonathan Fresh. When I first met him, I figured he was like the other people, normal friends that you would have to convince before they welcome you, but that was not the case. His grin simply made me want to approach him (Gordon 34).
You may be tempted to hear more about who I'm referring to. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, a place full of loving people just like him, Johnathan, a medium sized, handsome young man. His laughter is abundant with warmness and his blue eyes, passionate and shiny, are full of determination. He is full of charisma with his captivating voice. No one can get bored when around him because his jokes will keep you lively and you will want to be with him all the time (Horn 12).
Dress code
The way he portrays himself is pretty amazing. He is always with a sense of fashion. His clothes are always shiny. That explains his extrovert nature in the way he carefully chooses his clothes. His sense of style is striking in the sense that he always matches his clothes with his shoes. He wears a classy, shiny, silver watch which he keeps on referring to especially when keeping time. His favorite color is sky blue when he is happy, and occasionally he wears brown when he is sad (Gordon 34).
In as much as extroverts are commonly known as people who are a jack of all traits but a master of none, Johnathan is a master of his hobbies. He likes playing video games especially the latest video games in town. Many are times he likes going out to the theaters to watch movies. He loves watching romantic films that have happy endings. Occasionally he loves going for mountain climbing especially during camps and when he is on holiday. Besides that, you will be surprised to know that he secretly loves drawing and composing poems. He only writes them in his diaries and loves drawing landscapes (Gordon 34).
With all that I have mentioned above, and much more, you might want to think he is probably a very influential man in the society with lots of accolades, possibly with a family and some children. That is not the case. He is a simple young man who just graduated from high school last May. I know this is hard to believe, but all that talent in one person is what makes him unique (Horn 12).
But the fact that he is also smart made him score high grades in school. His smartness made all the ladies want to hang around him. His discipline is exemplary in the sense that he was rarely found in the wrong books. His grades made him get lots of awards in high school. Who would not want to hang around him after knowing much about him?
Likes and dislikes
Besides the many good things that Johnathan likes, some few things make him get mad. Johnathan hates fatty foods, dull moments and horror movies. He loves going to the church where he serves as the lead guitarist in the music team. This has made most youths love associating themselves with him since he always loves teaching them new ways of doing things. Conclusively, Johnathan is such a blessing to many people.

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