Ideal Family in terms of Media

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The way the media portrays an best family in regard to the economic world is a source of data about the modern families. The media perception of the family can also either be accurate or not accurate. Most lookup focuses on presenting some rich analysis on how the best family is portrayed in regard to the economic activities concerning adverts within TV facilities. Economically, most of the adverts assume that a father is always out of the domestic during the day working to make enough money to take care of his spouse and the children while his wife stays at domestic attending to the children. In reality, in many homes, both parents always go to work to support their kids as they employ a maid or take their little children to daycares. However, some households may also not even have kids so the adverts may just increase anxieties among them to achieve the ideal fantasy of a parent-kids family structure. Robinson and Hunter (2008), argued that the media has been structuring the gender images in their adverts matching the fantasies and expectations of their intended viewers at every given time. Therefore, adverts and others commercials of adult women and children are nearly four times likely to be aired at daytime programs than during the weekends for the women and kids at home (Robinson & Hunter, 2008). For instance, soap operas which are perceived to be enjoyed by women and children being aired during the day of working days and sports for men aired on weekends when they are perceived to be at home. In reality, there are many modern households where women are the ones working, and their men stay at home either jobless or even working on night shifts. Therefore, media commercials may not be the exact image of the modern families as either of the parents may take the responsibility to get employed or work to take care of the household.


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Robinson, B. K., & Hunter, E. (2008). Is mom still doing it all? Reexamining depictions of family work in popular advertising. Journal of Family Issues, 29(4), 465-486.

July 24, 2021

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