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The creative disruptive question asked by my boss during an internal promotion interview include;

In long-term, which segment of customer will emerge and in which way will the customer get informed of our product?

In which circumstance do you require the assistance for decision making?

What procedure do you pursue when you are required to make a fast decision without enough data?

Which part of job description would you like to eliminate and why?

What can we give for free which competitors don’t give?

The financial year had begun and it was time to set goal to achieve as a department. Being the head, I conducted the process through use of questions which involved;

If we could employ more individuals, what specific skills are required?

Which type of processes can we employ to increase our efficiency?

What is the most effective way method of market disruption?

Imagine you are in charge of product development group. The technology and budget of marketing has been significantly reduced. What will we do?

Close minded individuals resist change and new ideas. They always think that they are right and the rest are wrong. The capability to reason critically of something apart from their way of live is lacking. They are also difficult people to deal with at work place. Some of the provocative questions that can be used include;

If there were no barriers and everything turns out good, what will you importantly do?

What is your performance and how did you achieve it?

Which actions are to be taken? By when? And Why if are not taken?

Question two

Research and development department is an integral part of the organization. Individuals with specialized skills of information technology conduct their experiment on creating and improving organization’s products here. The team is supplied with necessary resources to carry out the innovation process which is an indicator of survival in the changing world. Therefore, for an organization to grow and expand it must innovate its products. Innovation is a continuous process of improving products to meet the changing needs of the customers. Taste and preferences, and change of technology have increased the pace at which products are being innovated. The first time technology is being introduced into the organization, it faces resistance from the employees because of fear of losing jobs and learning. Once the employees are trained, the resistance reduces hence adopting the innovation.

During failure, adrenaline rose up, thoughts began to race and everything goes into a reaction situation. Communication with others is poor because of the stress undergone. The situation led to harassment of colleagues and holding failure to myself to avoid being judged as uninformed person. Failure arise as a result of mistake made. We learn from the mistakes hence is a process of making one keen. Changing the way you react to a failure is challenging because of the body being triggered with hormone. The only control measure is to reduce the time it will take for the body to be under such influence. The amount of time should be as little as possible. Most successful innovators have failed but they never quit. Therefore, it is a step towards success and it should be embraced with a positive mind when it occurs. Failure is perceived differently in a workplace. It is seen as the wastage of resources and caused by negligence of responsibilities. Failure is punished to reduce the incidence within the organization.

Question three

The communication barriers are personal and organizational. At personal level, the flow of authority is a major challenge. Communication process in workplace follows a chain of command. It has hindered innovation process because of fear to be challenged. The set of rules and regulation with rigid organization policies have killed innovation. Deviation from the laid down course of actions leads to personal liability. Negative attitude of superiors reduce the confidence and morale of employees to disclose any innovate ideas as they fear of the repercussions that might arise. Since employees spend much of their time in working place, familiarity enables them to reach same understanding. It reduces the number of conflicts arising and increases motivation and a feeling of being part of the organization which spear innovation.

Question four

Rational capital aid the company in many ways. It lowers cost as information flow from suppliers, workers and customers help in innovation of product and process. Additionally, the higher rational capital and knowledge assist in problem solving and strategic planning which increase performance. It result not only by trust among suppliers, customers and employees but also necessitate efficient information exchange through reduction of consumption of time during information flow. Rational capital can be improved by supply of financial resources and management skills. This will create awareness of how it is related to performance and growth. Globalization and change of technology have led to increased innovation in business world. Any organization that cannot adopt changing technology are faced out despite of their rational and financial resources available. The only competitive advantage that companies have over others is the speed at which they innovate their process and products.

January 19, 2024
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