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True Friendship

True friendship is described by the reciprocal characteristics that exist within a relationship. It takes time to develop a close bond with one another, allowing each other to mature through the exchange of memories. True friendship, on the other hand, requires confidence and we need someone with whom we can share our emotions, lives, frustrations, and feelings. A true friend, in my opinion, is someone with whom you can share your deepest thoughts without fear of secrets falling into the hands of the wrong people. Furthermore, faithfulness and fidelity are the foundations of true partnerships (Sigstad, Hanne Marie Hybrten 24).

The Importance of Genuine Friends

Without friends, we feel isolated, betrayed, and excluded, making it important to make genuine friends. True friendship involves having someone who you share a common interest as this draws you closer to each other. Having someone with diverged interest lacks things of enjoying jointly as this reduces the time that you spend together. A true friend is always committed to making your happiness even before your friendship. They always try as much as possible to avoid telling you something that you don’t want to hear. Indeed, he or she will have the mercy of correcting when you are in the wrong. Genuine friendships are the one that influences us to do good things (Spencer, Sarah et al.110). They engage us to live in our best potential regardless of the negativity we always think about ourselves. Best friends are the one who is enjoyable been with through possessing attractive traits and astonishing personality.

The Qualities of a True Friend

Similarly, they view life just exactly the way I see as their values and beliefs are comparable to mine. Nevertheless, a true friend is the person who values me as unique, irreplaceable people and genuine. Real friends play a very crucial role in my life. They entertain me when I am lonely, they are there to listen to me when am in problems, and also give me encouraging words when am sad. A true friend is the one who shows kindness and not unselfish. He or she contributes equally to the friendship by making me not to feel being taken advantage of (Sigstad, Hanne Marie Høybråten 30). They always show a constant association. Even though they may not be there physically, they are always available emotionally not matter how they may stay silent. Though listening may seem to be a simple task, it’s essential to a friendship. It acts as a form of respect listening to someone when discussing the topic of interests.

The Impact of Friendship

At the age of twenty, I had many friends through my life. They have always been there for me by giving me hope when seemed to be the end of my life. They always encourage me to be a better person every day. They understood my weirdness, and despite that, they did not judge me for it. They accepted me the way I am and showed sympathy (Farmer, Amy, and Raja 5). They cherished our differences and built me to be a better person. It took me while to understand the true meaning of friendship. However, I discovered more about building relationships from individual who is better than me as I was not good at expressing my emotions, but through friends, I learned how to share my feelings with the people who understand me. Moreover, I enjoy having known other and letting me be part of their life. They do not judge my action rather they counsel me regardless of how I differ from them. They are a source of my inspiration which improves my life. They always inspire to be the person I thought I could not be.

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November 03, 2022

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