Immigration in America: refugees

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Arriving in America

In 1966, Anousheh was born in a place in Iran called Meshed. She is remembered as the first Muslim women to move from Iran to the United States in 1984. (Sarfaraz 149). The success of Ansari was greater than that of the world's populace. She's a US refugee. This is where she received her diploma and started a business. She toured space in 2009 and became the first Iranian women to visit space (Monshipouri 27). Her parents moved to the US when she was an adolescent after the Islamic revolution hampered women's rights. This did not encourage her to take an engineering course, in the Islamic government. As per the article by the associated press, they gave a reason as a girl child opportunity of studying science was becoming minimal.

Business Life


Ansari got her education in George Mason University and earned a degree in electronics and computer engineering. She also carried further studies and received her Master's at the University of George Washington. The degrees she had helped to start her company in which software was developed so that was used to transmit voice communication via the Internet (Cavallaro 290). Her company became successful because she approached it differently. Ansari did not try to go against her competitor (Anderson 101). Instead, she built an engineering lab and invited her competitors to work together in the manufacture of software which would be compatible from the initial step of production. The process was very costly though, but after, she was able to obtain success in the company, she managed to sell it for 715 million dollars.

The Passion to Space


Ansari started to invest in space during this time. Though her career was in technology, her passion for space had not faded away from her mind since childhood. During her childhood, she drew pictures of herself in the space (Ashrafi, pg 185). The kind of education she got in the States enabled her to learn the English language. Thereafter, she went ahead to build her corporation worth millions, Telecom Technologies Inc. Only a few people know her as the first tourist to space apart from being the driving force behind the touring of space (Ansari and Hickam 68). Ansari launched spacecraft with 10 million to start the space development. This was just the beginning for Ansari to fund the tourism to space (Kemp 41). In 2006 she went to Russian space.

Space adventure cost her 20 million dollars


this was used to purchase a seat on the space plane going to the orbit. The training was difficult, though she had to go through it for six months and also prepare for the flight (Tarikhi 206). Ansari described the trip to be a motion sickness and gave her the desire to be an active woman who was given an incredible gift (Bozorgmehr and Georges 28). Her engineering course helped bring her experience to the space station. She even volunteered to participate in experiments of European Space Agency (Yousefi, 71). The experiments were:

  • How muscle changes influence of back pain.
  • The consequences of radiation from space the crew ISS members and other microbes that have made a home in a space station (Harvey et al. 293).
  • Research on the mechanism behind anemia.


Ansari became the first person to publish a weblog from space apart from her experiments. She noticed how they had given her a schedule that planned every instant of her time in space (Seedhouse 98). Her achievements are encouraging girls worldwide. Ansari talked about the limitations that women must push through, mainly in the Middle East, and is an encouragement to all women to achieve their dreams, no matter how difficult it could be.


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September 21, 2021

Islam Immigration

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