Impact of Enterprise Source Planning on Business Process

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Enterprise Source Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Source Planning (ERP) is effective in addressing the uncertainties that affect the normal functioning of an organization. According to Schniederjans & Yadav (2013), ERP as a business management software can manage the commercial processes of an organization, by improving performance and efficiency within a business entity. Through ERP, organizations manage to modify the approaches in product manufacturing and services to meet the increasing complexities of a business environment.

Implementation of an ERP system

In the implementation of an ERP system, the first step in resolving the issues encountered during a project is to recognize the existing and recurring challenges. During the implementation process, difficulties may arise as a result of unmet targets – thus it would be important to re-evaluate the initial plans. Re-evaluating the strategies would involve the assessment of the employee's competencies and ensure that each person is matched with the right job. For instance, coordination is the primary challenge that arises during the implementation process; hence, having the right personnel for each team would lead to improved performance.

Internal management of identified issues

Internal management of the identified issues would be appropriate since ERP is an in-house process. In-house talent would be relevant in addressing the problems identified since they have already mastered the organizational culture and structure. Therefore, through in-house expertise, is in a stronger position of recognizing the causes of issues and suggesting appropriate measure – which is aligned with the vision and objectives of the organization. The recommended strategies can be tailored to effectively meet the needs of the organization, its employees, and that of the current project. Furthermore, in-house expertise will assist the organization in minimizing costs and save on time – which would have been wasted while outsourcing for assistance externally.


Schniederjans, D., & Yadav, S. (2013). Successful ERP implementation: an integrative model. Business Process Management Journal, 19(2), 364-398,

September 18, 2023

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