Implementation Failure at Cleaver's Sausage House

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Many organizations spend both time and financial resources in acquiring new technologies that could help in streamlining organizational operations, reduce operational costs, and generate revenue. Implementation failure is one of the problems firms face when introducing new technological changes. While new technologies are linked with high efficiency in terms of operations, the risks that employees incur because of such changes make them resist such changes. Cleaver's Sausage House is atypical example of why managers and employees finding it hard to accept the implementation of a new technology that will directly affect how they carry out their duties.

Resistance to changes brought by new technologies is because of their unforeseen risks that may be associated with such changes. People are scared of changes that are brought about by implementation of the MRP system to Cleaver's Sausage House operations. It is agreed that people always feel comfortable with what they have done for years. Like any other organization, the challenge faced at Cleaver's Sausage House can be explained by the psychology of new technology adoption. It is unbelievable that the same people who resist the implementation of new technologies at their work environments embrace the positive effects of cutting-edge technologies in their lives.

People resist the technological changes with an aim of protecting their personal interests. For instance, the implementation of MRP will change the way more than 25 managers and employees are doing their jobs. Therefore, failure of the MRP system may risk the jobs of the employees affected. It is evident that managers were acting on their self-interests other than considering the prospects the MRP may have for the organization. On the other hand, it can be argued that the employees were not ready to for the new technology since they failed to submit their reports on time. The fact that people failed to corporate with Elam showed their lack of interest in the process and lack of the motivation to learn new skills. It is clear that they are unprepared to adopt the new technology.

Facilitating Change through Task Force

Action committees and task forces are effective for bringing together different departments and selling to them the ideas behind a given technology or change in an organization. Given that the employees are afraid of the new technology, formation of task forces that incorporate selected members from all the departments will help in speeding the process. Moreover, employees are currently slowing down the implementation process by failing the deadline for delivery of departmental reports.

As suggested by Anderson, a task force or an action committee is an effective way of addressing the various challenges that are delaying the implementation of MRP at Cleaver's Sausage House. It will help the different departments and employee categories air their concerns while creating a platform for people to learn the new skills and benefits brought about by the MRP system to the firm. While Elam feels a task force will delay her efforts of getting the MRP operational, it is clear that she cannot succeed without involving all the employees. Given that there are other organizations that successfully implemented MRP, what Cleaver's Sausage House lacks is an action committee or task force that can bring together all the departments and employees, sell to them the ideas behind MRP system, and assure them of job security after the implementation of the system.

Implementation Tactics

From the case, it is clear that the need for the change is driven by some members of the management teams rather and not all the employees or the customers. Speed needed to accomplish given change objectives influence the tactics adopted in implementing the change. Cleaver's Sausage House needs to understand the key factors affecting change implementation such as conformance, speed, communication, and commitment.

There is need to closely follow the actions of various departments in order to achieve the short-term goals within the given time limits. For instance, Jayden Anderson can help follow up with the departments to ensure they meet the set deadlines for report submissions and other activities that might directly affect the outcome of the implementation process. Currently, Elam has to come up with ways to get people together. It is very important to have every person in the negotiation for change process has a common understanding in order to implement the laid down change strategies.

Elam must formulate communication and participation tactics to help members discuss and air their views concerning the MRP system. From the recent meetings, it is clear that little information concerning the MRP system is available to the members. Elam must provide detailed information concerning the change, its benefits, and effect on employees' job security. The staff members must be included in the decision making process to enable them gain a sense of responsibility.

October 30, 2023

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