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The performance execution in the library's implementation process is inefficient. Close interaction between the employee and the employer is required for adequate communication on expectations and performance. The management must evaluate the employee's performance and provide feedback (Bacal, 2004, p. 82). The feedback enables the worker to grasp the areas for improvement, resulting in a more motivated and confident individual at work. Employees at Balme University do not have a formal job description. As a result, every employee can work in any department without requiring any specialization. Second, the managers created the organization's goals without consulting the employees. Thus, the employees do not feel like part of the objectives of the organization. Different managers rate the employees at various times. The change in the person evaluating the employee is that it becomes hard for the management to keep track of any improvement of depreciation in the performance of the employee. Feedback is important after rating; however, the management does not offer any response. Without feedback, the employees are not able to work on their weaknesses for future improvement (Gatchel & Schultz, 2012, p. 254). Feedback also motivates the employee to work harder because it shows the management appreciates the effort. Balme University fails in the implementation of performance execution in the administration of the library.

Question 2

Poor implementation of performance execution reduces the productivity of the employees at the university. The employees fail to own the goals of the organization due to the failure of inclusion in setting up the goals. The management reduces the motivation of the employees through inability to include them in setting up the objectives of the organization. Secondly, performance implementation requires ample communication. The communication between the employee and the management indicates the expectation of the university. The interface keeps the employees knowing they are performing and the sectors that need improvement.

The poor implementation in communicating feedback keeps the employees in the dark concerning their performance. The employees fail to identify the areas with good performance and the regions that require improved improvement. As such, the performance remains standard due to lack of feedback. Feedback is important in running an organization. The employees depend on the feedback to understand their roles in the organization and the steps made in achieving the goals of the organization (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2005, p. 338). However, without feedback, the survey fails to fulfill the primary role of sensitizing the employees to better performance.

Question 3

Implementing the performance execution productively requires the adoption of specific changes in the organization. The management should establish clear communication channels with the employees. The communication will be instrumental in involving the employees in setting targets and goals for the organization. The employees together with the management will be in a position to set achievable goals that will not frustrate the employees. Secondly, the university needs to conduct a job analysis for the employees. The job analysis will set out the roles of all the staff making the library perform better (Fox, 2006, p. 101). Specified functions will enable the employees to work hard in their respective duties due to specialization according to their expertise.

Besides, the performance survey systems should be different for different workers in the organization. The vague performance measures make it hard for the management to identify the specific areas that the employees need to improve. Lastly, the management should make a point of offering feedback to the employees after rating them. The feedback will communicate to the employees on the specific areas that require improvement and those whose performance is optimal. The changes will motivate the employees into better performance through capitalization on performance execution. The managers should discuss performance with the employees to keep them motivated and improve their performance.


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May 10, 2023

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