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The Significance of Human Resource Management in Companies and Reasons to Take the Course

According to Reilly, Peter, and Tony, no firm can establish a good team of working experts and knowledge without a strong Human Resource Management department (11). Employees appear to be many firms' most valuable assets because their talents, abilities, and knowledge must be utilized to the greatest extent possible in order to produce value and enhance productivity. As a result, the following are the major functions of HRM in adding value to an organization:

The recruitment and selection procedure. As asserted by Tyson & Shaun when firms decide to replace or needs an additional employee, the HR manager comes up with strategies for hiring the right personnel (135). Apparently, the HR managers need to select the best candidate for the interview, which enhances quality as the best person get selected. According to Tyson & Shaun, another significance of HRM in a firm is training and development, where the primary objective of training people is to develop or improve their skills and knowledge, making them more productive and useful (185). Training is vital for new employees, and development crucial for the existing workers to increase their expertise.

Nevertheless, HRM ensures job satisfaction and motivation of the workforce. Workers are social beings; hence, low job satisfaction brings negative aspects for them and the company. Firms use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors to increase the employees’ willingness to conduct their obligations. Finally, HRM aids in performance appraisal and rewarding. The HR managers have the techniques to evaluate individual’s job performance, which assists them in coming up with fair and equitable payment procedures (Tyson & Shaun 233). In fact, reward system influences the members’ behavior and employees’ productivity.

Taking an HRM course in college has numerous significances such as understand and effectively manage employees to succeed in the current global and competitive economy. The HRM course relates to the study of human behavior, where learners understand the psychology of different people and their behaviors. Again, it enables the student to relate to other aspects of business and management, such as marketing, finance, strategy among others. The class work gives the student a comprehensive understanding of how organizations functions, the role of the management team, and how employees contribute to the success of the business.

Nevertheless, the course enables the learner to explore the real-world challenges facing the current business environment through practical and cutting-edge modules that incorporate Human Resource Development, Knowledge Management, Law and Equity at Work, Strategic HRM among others. Indeed, HRM is complicated; hence, demands the people who work in this function to have experience and up-to-date knowledge. Apparently, generations change over time; therefore, HRM evolves in response to those changes, equipping the learners with adequate skills in the legal framework of the workers.

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May 10, 2023

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