In Raisin In The Sun

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Walter's Character and Ambition

Walter is the second character whose position most closely resembles the metaphor of Mama's sick plant. Walter, the play's main character, is a daydreamer. The protagonist's ambition is to become a rich person. He and his pal Willy come up with a scheme to get the plan. He had made the decision to use his father's insurance proceeds to start a new venture at the booze store. His part in the remaining scenes of the play was focused on finding speedy solutions to the many family problems.

Walter Lee Younger - The Brother

Fundamentally, the play's plot revolves around Walter Lee Younger, also known as the Brother. The ambitious, passionate, and bursting with energy dreams, his character is of a desperate man. He was shackled by prejudice and poverty. He was obsessed with a business idea by keeping in mind that in this manner he will able to solve all of his social and economic problems. For example, he believes that through his sparkling business idea, he will accumulate the money whenever he needed for. According to character statement, this sudden capital accumulation will improve him socially and others will look up him proudly. He was recognized by all people, who do not know much about him.

Walter's Lack of Entrepreneurial Skills

He firmly believed in the fact that after some period of time he could even be able to provide the luxuries and the basic necessities to his wife. After listening to that, Walter eventually asks his wife why she is not able to wear all the pearls and the jewelry. He then wondered why women would need to wear the pearls in this universe. Though, Walter eventually proves that he does not have the entrepreneurial skills that are required for the business. Eventually, education lacks the confrontation with George Murchison stated "Good Night Prometheus". Later the "Prometheus" refers to George at that particular moment.

March 10, 2023

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