Income Inequality, Gender Bias, and Cultural Diversity

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Education reforms have been cited as a major problem in recent decades. Leaders have implemented a number of measures across the administrative spectrum, including enhanced analysis, results-based teacher evaluation, and institution locations. However, one of the main global problems affecting public schools is hardly ever addressed as a matter of education. Given the recent revelation that many American schoolchildren come from low-income households, it is time to really consider how poverty has affected education.

Poorly reared children constantly experience life as a series of erratic events over which neither they nor their caretakers have any control. In this way, they fail in developing a conception of themselves as free persons with a capacity of making their choices and acting on them in shaping their lives (Pellino, 2007). This issue does not only impact the success of education. Some research has reflected that a weak sense of control over an individual’s life contains the primary health effects in every situation.

All children justify a kind of education that is operational, inspiring, as well as reinforcing. Students of today are the future’s leaders. Therefore, they have to be given a chance of achieving their American dreams. The choice of the school entails that the parents are given the access to the quality K-12 teaching alternatives to their kids. These options are such as community charter institutions, public magnet schools, individual owned institutions as well as homeschooling.

However in the past few years an improvement in the female treatment was identified in the systems used at school rooms as well as curricular materials. Now young ladies and boys continue to be affected by unplanned chauvinist activities by the teachers. Teachers reflect different expectations for kids, based on a gender of the learner, race, as well as culture. Many of the educators are interested in the children in their classrooms. Most of the teachers are convinced treating their leaners equally. Nevertheless, some educators that analyze personal attitudes and performances find general environment of gender bias in the school rooms (Centra & Gaubatz, 2000).

Instructional Techniques

There are some aspects which impact the success of a learner in the school’s surroundings. The personal, as well as educational interactions among the tutors and their scholars, might be the most significant. This interaction has referred to as the central associations of the teaching roles and their communication in the schoolroom (Vaughn & Schumm, 2000).

According to Pellino (2007), the specific behavior along with instructional techniques allows tutors to build an influential learning association amongst their culturally different scholars. It is good to accept accommodating the similarities and differences among the cultures of the scholars. Communal techniques like cross-cultural appreciative will be modeled, educated, encouraged, and motivated by the supervisors.

The first technique which can be used by a teacher is creation of functional interactions with learners. The second technique of the educator is to focus on the methods of teaching and observing learners’ realization of their role orientation. The moment a learner’s orientation is identified, the educator has to construct roles hence describing them in details. For instance, confident learners start an assignment beforehand, requiring the time for preparing as well as searching for information needed (Pellino, 2007).

Teaching the learners in matching the morals to the setting is another technique for the teacher’s behavior as well. People interact in different ways and various configurations. For instance, people perform more formally at official occasions. Educating learners the differences among their backgrounds, institutions, and society settings helps in switching them in appreciating performances for every situation. For example, a teacher might discuss the difference between conversations among the mature people at school as dialogue how every performance is acknowledged and to what extent it is convenient in that particular setting. While some learners adjust their conducts automatically, another ones have to be educated as well as given ample chances to prepare (Burnette, 1999). Therefore involving families and society can assist scholars to learn the way adapting their conduct to all the settings in which they associate.

Personal reflection

When I was a kid, I always dreamt of becoming someone, for example, a doctor, a pilot, an engineer, and so forth. However, finally I wanted to become a teacher - a profession where very few of us had a crazy intention of growing. Every time I looked at the children, I always wanted to become a basis of their interests. I wanted to help learners open up their capabilities. These are truly the main reasons that influenced me on becoming a k-12 teacher. I had a wish of making learners inquisitive of what I am teaching. Becoming a tutor, you must like learning as well as studying, and since my younger age, I used to read short stories and kid magazines which this influenced me mostly of choosing this profession.


Conclusively, it is noted that education is a constant element of running from poverty, since poverty continues to be the most significant challenge to learning. Other issues that bring difficulties in the process of learning are gender bias and cultural differences. However the right behavior of an educator in class will let all learners acquire incredible capacity in succeeding.


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February 09, 2023

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