intelligence testing

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Intelligence is the ability of an individual to reason in response to a scenario and come up with a viable solution to the same problem. Answers to questions on diverse points of view may be understood differently in different cultures. An response on an IQ test may be regarded as less intelligent in one culture and extremely bright in another.

An intelligence test is a psychological assessment that measures a child's ability and level of reasoning, as well as their judgment. Intelligence tests can be skewed in one way or another since they are not always held to standards. The two know intelligence tests are the Australian and the American tests. Biasedness refers to systematic errors when undertaking an estimation of values( Matsumoto & Juang, 2016). In case the biasedness is as from result based on gender and ethnicity it is said to be having the cultural test biasedness.

According to me, cultural biasedness should be eliminated in tests to allow an individual to handle the assessment test freely without being hindered to think freely. Some biasedness may result in none realistic results.

Impacts of cultural to results on an intelligence test

Cultural bias in intelligence testing

The development of an intelligence test is one way or another a little complicated. The ability to make a test that is free from cultural biasedness is almost next to impossible. The replacement of language with pictures and demonstrations have been some of the approaches that were unsuccessful in eliminating cultural biasedness. The individual psychology evaluates the difference and similarity in the thinking, feeling and behaviour of human beings. This means that people are classed according to intelligence and personality characteristics.

The Chitling Intelligence Test

After taking the test, I realised that some specific questions were mainly based on individuals at a given level in the society. Do you think that it’s fair to assess the knowledge and understanding of an individual with the environment he is not conversant with? The understanding of politics, social background and gender are based cultural biasedness (Matsumoto & Juang, 016). JET IS? A child or a person in an environment where he cannot see or view a jet will not be in a position to answer this question collect. This was one reason why I was not capable of getting the answer correctly. Does this mean I am not intelligent? No! The only factor that I lack is the knowledge of the topic.

How much does a short dog cost?

The answer to the question can only be positively answered if the person answering this question has been in the position to purchase one. A person with a cultural background that does not have short dogs cannot be able to answer the question. The understanding of this questions may underlie on the socio-economic involving making them less conversant to people who are not within this economic bracket.

What are the Dixie Hummingbirds?

This kind of question may hurt individual feelings. The history of a person’s race may influence an individual’s answer towards the answer he gives. Having answered the questions in the chilling intelligence tests, I realised that this question was a little biased towards an individual and I felt a little of the place.

The Original Australian Test of Intelligence

The original Australian test has its involvement in biasedness. The cultural biasedness also applies here with the involvement of family. Death amongst a family member would blind the judgment of an individual undertaking the test as it did bother me. A good test should consider emotional activities. Questions based on death could be disturbing to any individual as they resulted in what I felt when undertaking the test. The biological background is another point of concern involving brothers and sisters in this test may not be the best move as it makes the answering of questions personal.

All this implies that cultural biasedness may influence poor results from an individual. Cultural biasedness explains that an intelligent person may seem less intelligent since the background and area of his understanding were never questions.


Matsumoto, D., & Juang, L. (2016). Culture and psychology. Nelson Education.


April 19, 2023


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