International Marketing

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Any company or organisation's purpose is to succeed in organization. One way is to do this through marketing campaigns to notify the targeted market of the use and availability of goods or services provided by any organization (Sweeney, Susan et al.). The same applies to foreign markets, as the target consumer may purchase only what they know or know about the way the product or service meets their particular requirements.

Global Analysis of Marketing Papers

There are two globally analyzed business papers on the subject of marketing. The first journal is 'Causality Relationships between Main Branding Variables and International Marketing Strategy: Evidence from MNCs in GCC Market' by Mansour S. M. Lotayif. The paper is focused on identifying some of the variables that directly affect the ability of a business or organization to effectively develop as well as implement a rewarding international marketing strategy, (Lotayif, Mansour S. M.). Some of the variables covered in the paper include brand performance, brand orientation, the performance of the band in the and brand position in the local market among others. Looking at the few variables mentioned, it is clear that they are directly linked to the ability of the product or services to elicit the desired response regarding the purchase of the product or service by the targeted audience. For instance, a company with a brand that has large and strong market share in the local market can be able to push for its marketing strategy in the international market because the local sales can be able to cater for the extra costs incurred in the international marketing efforts. On the other hand, a company will market a brand that is performing poorly in the local market will be forced to worry about ways of improving the position of the brand as such increase sales as a means of ensuring the sustainability of the business. Moreover, other than the factors mentioned above, it is also important to mention that even though the particular brand may be successful in the local market, the case may not be the same in the international market because of the cultural, religious or geographical difference of the targeted customers among others, (Sweeney, Susan et al.).

Exploring the Use of Online Marketing Strategies and Digital Media

The second article is titled 'Exploring the Use of Online Marketing Strategies and Digital Media to Improve the Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention' by Mohammed T. Nuseir. It has been said by many that the invention of the internet was one of the major technological advancements because it has changed the way businesses operate from production to the final consumers. The paper cites the fact that the internet has proven to be an effective marketing tool for businesses both in the local as well as the international market especially when focusing on specific customers in order to develop brand loyalty, (Nuseir, Mohammed T.). Moreover, internet marketing tools offer businesses the ability to increase the popularity of their brands which is a very important aspect of strengthening customer loyalty. Indeed, there are various companies that have grown and developed into global scale business by utilizing the power of the internet marketing tools. For instance, Amazon, which is a US company, has been able to scale the heights of online retailing in the local US market as well as the international markets such as Europe and Asia.

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July 24, 2021

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