Is abortion bad or good

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As one of the most debated topics in the world today, aborting appears to spark much controversy. After its conception, abortion has influenced the vast majority of people, which data and experience can record. According to McMahan (2002), abortion is an act of immorality that not only discriminates against but also kills many lives. Although decisions on abortion should be left to the people concerned, the issue remains contentious within various classes, such as culture and religion, depending on their pros and cons.
The cruel essence of abortion makes it one of the most controversial topics in the world, taking innocent lives away. Scientific studies establish that human life begins at the time a child is conceived in the mother’s womb. Therefore, the fetus is considered to be human irrespective of it not being fully developed. As a result, anybody who takes part in aborting is liable of an offence and should be convicted of murder. Whether the child is got from social injustices such as incest or rape, the innocent child deserves an opportunity to find its way into earth. McMahan (2002) argues that the act of abortion terminates the life of the conceived child. This act violates right of the child to live as it is a deliberate termination of life of an innocent being.

Pro-life advocates continue to echo their voices by conducting anti-abortion campaigns and the awareness campaigns they stage all over the world. They hold their argument of the basis of the inherent value of the life of a man. Lee (2004) argues that the unborn child is has life irrespective of the developmental stage and as such everyone has the right to protect and cherish its life even as they will do to any other human being. These groups, therefore, consistently fight towards stopping this inhuman act which violates the basic fundamentals of the law of the land. These advocates represent the unborn child and speak on their behalf.

Religious groups who also argue against abortion based on the Scriptures that consider murder not only as a sin but also an act that violates the sacred moral law of God. Many misinterpret the idea of murder as only applicable to the living. However, the Bible presents a very clear spiritual stand regarding the unborn child. Religious groups believe that life starts long before the formation of the child in the womb and the unborn are as sacred as any other human beings. It is on the basis of these beliefs that any violation of the rights of the unborn child is viewed as sin in the religious world. The Scripter serves as perfect moral character of God whose violation is a direct disloyalty to the Supremacy of God as well as an inexcusable tragedy that no one should find pride on.

On the other hand, the proponents hold a strong belief on the fact that a woman carrying the child has a right to make personal decisions for the unborn child as well as for herself. Many uphold this argument as right normally in a situation where the child is got from situations that are morally wrong. Some women may not find it comfortable to carry a child of rape or one conceived from forceful sexual intercourse from a close relative. It is a mere reminder of the act, and as such it has no value to continue retaining the child in the womb as it will be a constant reminder of the woman of the act. Therefore, the only way to alleviate the psychological torture coming along with the situation is for the woman to abort the child.

Aborting was legalized based on the Roe v. Wade of 1973 case (Hull and Hoffer, 2001). The Supreme Court’s ruling during the case paved way to the legalization of safe abortion from conducted by trained and certified physicians. Those supporting abortion hold the view that this decision has resulted to a decline in the casualties of pregnancy related complications. Further, abortion can be exercised under certain circumstances within legally acceptable boundaries such as in the cases where the life of the pregnant mother is endangered.

Having reviewed the opposing arguments, whatever reason is available to argue the case for abortion is futile as it still remains a violation of not only the moral law but as well as the spiritual law. In addition, there is no argument that supports abortion except on extreme situations where the unborn child has serious complications or the mother is at extreme risks.

In summary, since the supporting arguments have no solid foundation, the fact remains that abortion is not only murder but also a sign of irresponsibility in the individual committing it. Abortion violates both moral and spiritual laws with regards to the life of human beings. Therefore, it would be a worthy course if controversies do not exist in the matter of abortion as it is should be inexistent in the society.


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July 24, 2021
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