Is It Southern Food or Soul Food?

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The article "Is It Southern Food, or Soul Food?" authored by Julia Moskin seeks to explore the southern culture in regard to the food that they eat as well as the genesis of their culture which has been passed on from past generations and has morphed into what it is today. The article also provides an interview with Todd Richards and Virginia Willis, who are authors that have written books regarding Southern cooking. These two authors provide much insight regarding the subject of Southern food or soul food, which provides the gist of the subject that the article highlights. The article concludes that many cooking techniques and traditions that exist in the South were invented by African-Americans when they had been enslaved back in the slave era. Additionally, the article highlights that the black-white divide regarding Southern food is not an issue of race but of class and place.

Notably, the rhetorical approach used by Moskin to make her argument is successful since it helps reveal to the audience the stereotype that many have of Southern food. The different parts of the interview work together towards informing the audience regarding the topic of Southern food and soul food, as well as the difference between the two terms. Additionally, the author finally establishes the origin of the term 'southern food' or 'soul food', journeying the reader through the origin of the terms and how they have been used in history. Lastly, the interviews between the two authors shed much light into the subject as they reveal specific details associated with the southern culture, which have helped in the connotation of the terms 'southern food' or 'soul food'.

September 11, 2023

Culture Food Sociology

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