Is There Anything in the Universe That Causes Luck?

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There has recently been a lot of thought given to the fact that there are unique causes that may be responsible for luck; I think this notion is right.

Understanding Luck

Since doing an in-depth examination of the idea of chance, I concluded that one of the key factors that trigger luck is preparedness. As a result, I'd like to state that luck happens as chance meets readiness.

Personal Examples of Luck

In terms of my own background, I have been considered fortunate on many occasions. First, there was a time I applied for a job with a couple of people, and there was just one vacant position, and I got the job. There are times when I got good marks in school in very complicated and challenging courses. Whenever I get these good fortunes by friends and colleges always say to me "friend you are lucky."

The Role of Preparedness

There is a need to note that based on my analysis; I discovered that one factor that has aided my luck in these areas is my level of preparedness. I always do my best to get ready for interviews, and I study hard, I don’t take my studies for granted. Hence I always get positive results for my efforts.

The Misunderstanding of Luck

My family and close friend are so sure that I am lucky. However, they have no idea how much time and effort I put into attaining my level of success. I believe that there is luck out there and also believe that our luck could be either positive or negative depending on the degree of efforts we put into our activities and the level of our preparedness.

January 18, 2023



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