Is Violent Media Good For Kids?

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Is Violent Media Good for Kids?

There is a debate about whether violent media is good for kids. Many people believe that this type of media is harmful to kids. However, a psychologist named Melanie Moore believes that it can have positive effects on kids. Violent media give kids the freedom to express their intense feelings and rage. Children will eventually learn that life is not always a rose garden.

Can Violent Media Make Kids Violent?

Some people say that violent media can make kids violent. However, this is not entirely true. It is possible to have an entire media environment without violent content. This will give kids a chance to learn empathy for others. And parents have the power to monitor their kids' media consumption. Parents should use this power to prevent their children from becoming violent.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

In his article, Gerard challenges this conventional wisdom about violent media. He questions the assumptions made by many educators and parents. He argues that exposure to violent content is not always harmful to children. As long as it is used in moderation, it can have positive effects. This perspective has implications for both educators and parents.

The Benefits of Fantasy Violence

Jones points out that fantasy violence is helpful for kids because it teaches kids coping skills and helps them overcome pop-culture pressures. In addition, fantasy violence teaches kids to trust their own emotions and to build stronger selves. Nonetheless, scary TV shows and movies have negative effects, especially if kids can't discuss them with adults. In addition, what excites children often reflects an emotional need that needs satisfying. If children are constantly exposed to violent media, it may result in anti-social behavior and a decreased sensitivity to violent situations.

Making a Case for Violent Media

Gerard also makes a strong case for the positive effects of violent media on children. In his essay, Gerard draws on the experiences of an ordinary tomboy named Emily who became a leader among her peers. Gerard uses logic and empirical evidence to demonstrate the value of violent media on children.

The Importance of Limiting Exposure

Young children are more impressionable than adults, and they are not able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. They can't discern the motivations behind violent behavior, but they can imitate it. They are also more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior later in life. Therefore, it is important for parents to limit the time their kids spend playing video games.

Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 18 months be exposed to no more than one hour of screen time a day. For children six years and older, they should be subject to consistent limits on screen time. Children should also get adequate sleep and physical activity. It's hard to measure the effects of violent media, but the evidence is consistent.

The Conflicting Views on Violent Media

When it comes to the topic of whether violent media is good for kids, there are a lot of conflicting views. Some people say it's bad, but others argue that it's necessary for children to have some experience with these types of media. One such writer, Gerard Jones, makes the case for allowing children to experience these types of media as a part of their educational curriculum.

Active Management of Media Exposure

The media is constantly trying to captivate audiences with images of violence, but if you have some control over the content of the media your children are exposed to, it's not necessarily harmful. In fact, actively managing the amount of media they're exposed to can help them make better choices.

The Importance of Scholarly Research

The author of this article cites his personal experience with media violence to support his opinion. He claims that media violence correlates with rage and anger. He also shares his personal story, showing how he was very afraid growing up, and how Tarzan saved his life by helping him climb a tree.

Lack of Empirical Support

While Jones's personal experience with violent media makes his case, he does not offer scholarly research to support his claim. The majority of his arguments are based on his own personal experiences with kids. Using these examples isn't a rational approach and has no empirical support.

September 12, 2022




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