It all began five years ago

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It all started five years ago, when iZombie, a small independent business, claimed to have created an actual zombie virus. They started selling it on Amazon for an excessive amount. At first, it was only available to the wealthy. However, after some time had passed, they offered a substantial discount on their bid, allowing everyone to purchase it. After that, it only took about a month for the virus to spread across the entire globe.
Humanity was split into two groups: those who purchased the virus and drank it on purpose and those who spent their entire lives preparing for a zombie apocalypse and believing that they were designed. Of course, there were people like me, who watched too many TV shows and did not notice the apocalypse. So I got bitten by a zombie when I tried to order pizza, but had to go outside because the phone was not working.

We were living quite a good zombie life, me and my zombie friends. The only concern was that living people would eventually come to an end. But the real threat was to come from the skies. It came from a distant galaxy on shiny little spaceships. Nobody was prepared for an alien invasion. Especially now, that the Earth was mostly populated by zombies.

Nobody knew why they came. But since zombies are quite aggressive by their nature, we tried to eat the aliens also. So they annihilated most of our species. I did not consider myself a good zombie, so I did not really try to engage in a fight. It was probably for that reason that they chose me and several others like me.

I was running away from a spaceship. But my efforts were in vain and a powerful light beam teleported me on board. They did not explain anything, and I doubt that they even speak zombie. But in a few hours we arrived on what seemed like their home planet. I was placed in a huge cell that replicated one of the Manhattan districts. I am living here ever since. They feed us real humans that they grow especially for us. I guess aliens also have zoos.

August 09, 2021

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