Jack Kerouac's On The Road Book Review

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On the Road is about freedom and the open road, and journeys, as much as destinations. Yet the characters race across the country with no destination in sight, and their reckless behavior undermines their consideration for the journey. As pointless as their drug and alcohol use, their freedom has no lasting effect. In fact, it should lead to disillusionment. But is it? And is it worth the disillusionment? Let's look at the book's pros and cons and make our own judgement.

Cormac McCarthy

"Cormac McCarthy's On the Road" is a post-apocalyptic novel that evokes, even as it disavows, the post-apocalyptic genre. It contains all of the trappings of a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, from the ravages of religious extremism to the bleak landscape. This novel is one of the best genre novels of all time, but one must be wary of the fact that it could reinforce false notions about 9/11.

Jack Kerouac

The book On the Road was written by American author Jack Kerouac over three weeks in 1951. Written in a continuous scroll, the book was written without paragraph breaks. Kerouac took Benzedrine to stay awake. Critics and readers alike were fooled by the intoxicating description of life's beginnings, and the brutal conclusion. Kerouac's book became the ur-text of a generation, and was praised as a modern classic. However, there are many readers who cannot stand it.

Sal Paradise

Jack Kerouac's On The Road book review reveals an inconsistent pace. It sometimes has too much information on a page, and then nothing of note happens for a page or two. It is not always obvious whether Sal is driving to a new town, or just a stopover at a Comfort Inn. In general, however, this book is a fun read, especially for those who enjoy a good book on the road.

Dean Moriarty

This book has two main themes: running away from the everyday and heading towards something else. The main characters are Sal and Dean. They are two men who have spent different amounts of time in juvenile detention and the Army. The plot of this book revolves around how these two men are attracted to each other. Despite their differences, both characters have the same goals in life, running away from their daily responsibilities.

Neal Cassady

In my On the Road book review, I will focus on the male characters. They are the center of attention, and the female characters are secondary, serving as a distraction or simply a means to an end. On the road, the male characters drink heavily, drive fast, and sleep with high school girls. While some of this is believable, I found it distracting. I also found the novel lacked character development, especially in the later stages of the story.

We Will Dance in Lampedusa

We Will Dance in Lampedusa by Stanley Kenani is an enthralling tale of migration and the hardships faced by those who board the boats in search of better lives. This story is a retelling of the tragic events that engulfed the island in October 2013, and it re-engages the reader with the humanity of these boat people. If you love books and want to learn more about the people who make this island their home, this is a must-read for everyone.

Stanley Kenani

The author of the short story collection For Honour & Other Stories, S.O. Kenani, hails from Malawi. This novel takes a different approach to migration and the lives of people on boats across the Mediterranean. By keeping the characters grounded and examining them with a wry sense of humour, Kenani captures the human condition in a way that is both moving and entertaining. A book that focuses on a country as small as Malawi and the challenges faced by its people is well worth the read.

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